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    Ocean Sensory Bottle: An Ocean Themed Sensory Activity

    Are you looking for a fun and simple way that the kids can use their senses and be creative? This Ocean Sensory Bottle takes minimal effort but will result in hours of hands-on fun with this Ocean Themed Sensory Activity !

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    Ocean Sensory Bottle

    The great part about this ocean sensory bottle is that you only need a handful of supplies as well. And when you’re looking for a fun summer project that the kids can easily help with, you’re not going to be disappointed by this one.

    Since they can decide what toys to put inside this sensory bottle, have that be part of their contribution. Make certain that they choose toys that they’re not going to “miss” because once they put them inside, they’re going to be in there for visual play instead of physical. 

    And if glitter isn’t allowed in your house, don’t fret. This is just an optional supply that you can either add or not. It doesn’t make or break the overall craft so you can add it if you want to.

    What I love about this fun fine motor craft is that once you make it up, you can easily take it along with you wherever you go. It’s great in the car and it’s really fun for the kids. 


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