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    Art of Green: For those times when life gets messy.

    This post was sponsored by Art of Green® and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.


    Having a busy household comes with lots of messes. Check out why Art of Green is perfect for those times when life gets messy.

    Art of Green: For those times when life gets messy.

    When you have 6 kids, you become an expert on messes. Because, let’s face it, kids are messy. We love them to bits, but man do they have accidents.  I struggle with letting them have fun and keeping the house clean. I’m also not going to lie, there were moments since March when things have gotten out of control in my house. Between schooling, arts and crafts, cooking and everything in between staying on top of it all has been hard. Whether it’s your daughter making her favorite slime recipe or your toddler spilling juice all over the counter, there’s messes everywhere. If I got a dollar for everytime I had to clean a spill of epic proportions, I’d be a millionaire.  You also know that as soon as you clean one thing, something else gets dirty. So yeah #TheMessisReal

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