Leprechaun Toilet paper roll craft:A St.Patrick’s Day Craft for kids

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 Looking for a fun St.Patrick’s Day Craft for kids? Check out this fun Leprechaun Toilet paper roll craft that’s simply magical. 

 Leprechaun Toilet paper roll craft: A St.Patrick's Day Craft for kids

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Leprechaun Toilet paper roll craft:A St.Patrick’s Day Craft for kids

St.Patrick’s day is almost here and a fun way to celebrate the fun is by putting together one of my favorite craft ideas, a Leprechaun Toilet paper roll craft. This fun craft is the perfect St.Patrick’s day craft for kids.

I love making Toilet paper roll crafts here on my page. They’re such an easy craft idea for kids that’s versatile for every season. This one is simply adorable. It’s such an easy and fun way to bring the fun of St.Patrick’s day home.

Leprechaun toilet paper roll craft

Best of all you can easily make it by printing, coloring and gluing together. Have extra toilet paper rolls left? Make sure and check out these Leprechaun lookers so you can find your very own Leprechaun. 

Make sure and include some of the fun books below to make this activity even more magical and don’t forget to make yourself a delicious rainbow cookies to add to the fun or these adorable Leprechaun Cookies.


  • Template
  • Cardstock
  • Markers
  • Google eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How to make a leprechaun toilet paper roll craft

  1. First print the template, it works a little better if printed on cardstock.Leprechaun toilet paper roll craft
  2. Now color the leprechaun and his hat.
  3. Then cut but pieces out.
  4. Take the leprechaun piece and cut around the arms, keeping them attached to the body.
  5. Fold the arms a little forward.Leprechaun toilet paper roll craft
  6. Next, glue on the leprechaun’s hat, pop on the google eyes and give him a smile.Leprechaun toilet paper roll craft
  7. Finally attach the leprechaun to the paper tube, you can glue it or tape it around. Keep the arms sticking out.Leprechaun toilet paper roll craft
  8. You are finished! Use the leprechaun as an art display or hide some gold coins in the tube!Leprechaun toilet paper roll craft

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