Pumpkin STEAM activities :Fall Themed STEAM Learning

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STEAM has become all the craze. Check out 40 Pumpkin STEAM activities to help your little one bridge Fall themes with some fun learning. This round up of Fall themed STEAM learning will be a huge hit in your home or classroom. 

40 Pumpkin STEAM Activities

Pumpkin STEAM activities 

My kids school began implementing a school wide STEAM program this year and it’s been a huge hit. My oldest son’s school has one of the best programs in the country at his middle schooler and 

STEAM really is important. STEAM’s foundations lie in inquiry, critical thinking, and process-based learning. That is extremely important. The entire idea surrounding STEAM lessons and the STEAM approach is that it’s based around questioning, and really deep questioning.  The point is STEAM is that teachers  want to start asking non-Googleable questions.

This means kids get  to truly think and experience the Science hands on while applying other higher order thinking and other areas of learning such as Art, Reading and more. 

That’s why I absolutely love STEAM. 

That’s why I’ve put together this fun list of Fall Themed STEAM activities that will help bridge the fun between this time of year and STEAM learning. This is the perfect way to help your child really learn using the world around them. 

It takes away from the rote memorization we’ve all experienced and brings Science and learning together into the real world. 

So read on to check out some fantastic Pumpkin STEAM learning below: 


Pumpkin Candy Match Printable – I Heart Crafty Things

Pumpkin Pie Math – Modern Preschool

Pumpkin-Cano Sensory Science Activity – Little Bins For Little Hands

Pumpkin Sewing Craft – I Heart Crafty Things

Pumpkin Jack Rotting Science Experiment – Little Bins For Little Hands

Pumpkin Catapult – Lemon Lime Adventures

Building Structures with Candy Pumpkins – Lemon Lime Adventures

Pumpkin STEM Activity Inspired by Five Little Pumpkins – The Educators Spin on It

Pumpkin STEM Investigations with Free Printables – Life Over C’s

Pumpkin Building Activity by Conservamom

Preschool STEAM Activty

Fall Themed STEAM learning

Stacking Pumpkins Activity – The Educators Spin on It

Color Mixing Pumpkin Soup – Pre-K Pages

Pumpkin Seed Counting – Pre-K Pages

Pumpkin Spice Candy Corn Science Experiment -Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Inside a Pumpkin Exploration -ABC Creative Learning

Pumpkin Geoboard -Danya Banya

Pumpkin House Autumn Engineering – Adventure in a Box

5 Little Pumpkins STEM Activity – Munchkins and Moms

Pumpkin Stand STEM Activity – Carly and Adam

Bubble Science with Pumpkins – Preschool POWOL Packets

Pumpkin Crystals – Green Kid Crafts

40 Pumpkin STEAM Activities

Bubble Science with Pumpkins -Preschool Powol Packets

Pumpkin Oobleck –Little Bins for Little Hands

The Smelly Pumpkin Experiment -Fun-A-Day

Discovering Decomposition with Pumpkin Jack  -Share it! Science News

Pumpkin Investigation Tray – Little Bins For Little Hands

Pumpkin Geoboard Math Activity – Little Bins For Little Hands

Baking Soda Painted Pumpkins – Inspiration Laboratories

 Wheels Pumpkin Tunnel  – Little Bins for Little Hands

Pumpkin Catapults -Playdough to Plato

Make a Pumpkin Volcano -There’s Just One Mommy

Exploring Pumpkin Seeds -Teach Preschool

Pumpkin Discoveries -Share it! Science News

Halloween Fizzing Pumpkin Treasure Rocks –Left Brain Craft Brain

Play dough Light-up Pumpkin -Science Sparks

Dissolving Candy Pumpkins -Lemon Lime Adventures

Pumpkin Decomposition Journal -Gift of Curiosity

Pumpkin Pulley Simple Machine -Little Bins for Little Hands

Describe a Pumpkin Using the 5 Senses -Gift of Curiosity

Magic Pumpkin Science -Playdough to Plato

Pumpkin Tracing -Lemon Lime Adventures

40 Pumpkin Themed STEAM activities

Fall is such a fun time of year. Make sure and embrace the beauty of fall while teaching your kids some valuable lessons in how the world works around them.  Looking for another fun activity for younger ones? 

Check out these Pumpkin Fine Motor activities. 

Pumpkin fine motor activities

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