Inspiring Ways To Turn A Bully into A Friend

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Bullies come in all shape and sizes. How you react to them will make all the difference. Check out some Inspiring Ways To Turn A Bully into A Friend, or at least someone who will leave you alone. 


Inspiring Ways To Turn A Bully into A Friend

Bullies. Humongous, hulking, ugly, snarly bullies. The ones that look like they are going to pound you into the pavement at 3pm and then, hop on their motorcycle and drive home. I mean, that’s what bullies are, right? In all honesty, you couldn’t be more wrong! Bullies come is every single shape, size, color and creed. It doesn’t matter what side of the tracks they live on or where they go to school. Different experiences turn different kids into bullies.

We live in a really nice neighborhood where parents are more involved than a communist dictatorship.  Yet, even in our neighborhood there are a few kids that will bother, bully and harass other kids for no reason. As an adult I can only get involved so much because frankly if you say something to the parent and nothing gets done, there are obviously bigger issues involved. 

Chances are if someone is acting like a bully, they have some emotional stuff they are dealing with. And although the knee jerk/ protective parent  reaction can be to go for the jugular sometimes it’s up to the kids to handle the situation. 

That’s why sometimes it’s important to try to remediate the situation and it’s up to us to turn a bully into a friend.


Inspiring Ways to Turn a Bully into a Friend:


  • Take Everything with A Grain of Salt. After that, give them back a handful of sugar! I’m almost certain that you have heard the first phrase about a million times, but have you ever heard the second one? It’s all about turning negativity into positivity and letting that positivity flow EVERYWHERE! 


If they tell you are ugly, thank them for reminding you that you weren’t smiling! If they make fun of your clothes or hair, suggest that they take you with, next time they go, because they look fabulous! Seriously, pour sugar all over them and they won’t know what to do!


  • The Best Reaction is Interaction! Interact with your bully, before they can interact with you. Make sure your interactions are friendly, warm and of course, brimming with positivity. Show them that no one can get you down, but you might be able to help them up.


Greet them in the morning with a big smile! Offer them a seat with you at lunch. Grab an extra snack and offer it their way. You can never know what has caused these bullying behaviors to develop, but I bet it didn’t come from too many positive vibes!


  • Offer Compassion and Understanding. Often times, bullies are working through their own issues, and unfortunately, have chosen some not so great coping skills. They’ve got a big tool box, so go ahead and give them some new tools!


Instead of being frightened or standoffish, ask if they’d like to talk. Perhaps, it will open a door to a new friendship! Offer an invite to hang out, play video games or eat dinner. Sometimes, showing a bully a different environment can offer a small change in perspective.

Even as adults many times we’re faced with bully’s whether its a boss, coworker or a friends who isn’t really acting like one. Hopefully these techniques won’t just help your kids turn a bully into a friend but help you deal with those people in your life that may be giving you cause for grief.  

In the end, it all comes down to killing them with kindness. By diffusing their bomb with positivity and changing their perspective by altering your own while offering a little understanding. 

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*note: Some bullies may be relentless and it’s important to make sure and look for signs in your child if the bullying is becoming too much and stronger measures need to be taken such as administrative intervention, etc..


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