Moving SNOWball Snowman Craft: A fun Winter Craft Idea

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This Moving SNOWball Snowman Craft is perfect for early learners. Not only is it a fun winter craft idea that is certain to bring a smile to their face, but it’s also a great craft to welcome in the cold, winter season, too. This is a simple winter craft that is perfect for young learners. All they need is a little bit of adult supervision to create this adorable snowman craft. 

Simple Winter Snowman Craft 

Having a variety of crafts to do during the winter months is important. This snowman activity is one that actually works on fine motor skills, as well as creativity. 

I love how it moves and wiggles and captures the essence of being a snowman while also looking like random snowballs as well. 

And once it’s created and done, it can make a really cool decoration to hang up on the fridge as well. 

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Moving SNOWball Snowman Craft

All you need to get started are a few simple supplies. You and your child will be creating the cutest snowmen in no time at all! 

Supplies needed to make a snowman craft:


How to make this Moving SNOWball Snowman Craft

Begin by coloring the template, color the letters and leave the circles white to mimic snowballs. The two rectangle pieces will be the snowman’s scarf. 

Next, cut out all the pieces. 

Grab the blank circle template & glue on the three pieces to form the hat. 

Then glue on the carrot nose. 

Now take the skewed rectangle piece and glue it under the snowman’s chin.

Then take the other rectangle piece and cut it in half. Glue both halves towards one side to finish the snowman’s scarf. 

To finish the snowman, pop on the google eyes and draw a dotted grin. 

Now take the S and N and punch a brass fastener through both pieces. You can use a small hole punch or scissors to make a hole first. Fasten at the back.

Repeat with the Snowman and W circles. 

The snowman SNOW craft is complete. 

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snowman craft

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