How to Still Make Time For Yourself as a Busy Mom

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Motherhood is exhausting. Our days run into each other but the one important thing is to take time for yourself. Read on to see how to still make time for yourself as a busy mom. 


How to Still Make Time For Yourself as a Busy Mom 

How to Still Make Time For Yourself as a Busy Mom

 Being a good mom means that you’re always ready to be on your feet. You might find, however, that it’s challenging to set aside some time for yourself when you’re so busy taking care of your kids. To be the best mom, you will still need to set aside time to take care of yourself. Here are some helpful ways to make time for yourself as a busy mom.


Consider Scheduling your Days

Even though you do a lot for your kids, there’s probably a good chunk of time that you have free that you might not even notice. If your kids are studying, or if they are at practice, or even if they’re sleeping, these are crucial times that you can be taking for yourself. If you know what your week look like, on average, pencil in a daily schedule so you can balance your kids’ activities and take care of yourself. Maybe there’s a podcast you’d like to listen to or a bakery that you’d like to check out in between drop-offs and pick-ups. Schedule these things in advance so that you can have a well-rounded day that’s not all about your kids.


Get Kids Involved with Activities

If you want to set aside some alone time, consider activities your kids might be interested in. If you drop your kids off at soccer practice, then for the length of time that the practice goes on, you have that time for yourself. Ask your kids what they’re interested in and see if you can arrange a situation that benefits all of you. During this time off, you might consider doing something to treat yourself. Get your nails done or relax in a local coffee shop and spend some time decompressing. You might indulge in CBDfx tincture to blow off some steam in-between picking up your kids from their various activities.

Set Firm Boundaries

If alone time isn’t an option for you, you need to set boundaries with your kids so that they understand that you need time alone. Let’s say you want to exercise for 20 minutes. Tell your kids that for the next 20 minutes, you’re going to be working out in the other room. They are not to bother you during this time. Setting these boundaries with your kids will help foster their independence and give you the break you need. 

Have a Nightly Routine

Sometimes days are just so busy that the only time you have for yourself is the time before going to bed. Make this time memorable and establish a nightly routine that emphasizes self care — plus, you can always try the TheraBox from CrateJoy. Spent 15 minutes journaling and reflecting on your day, stretching, or listening to a guided meditation that lulls you into dreamland. Setting aside time for yourself does not have to be a huge deal, and a little bit goes a long way. Just do what you can to stay grounded with the time that you have.

You can also schedule some time for yourself after the kids go to bed if they are still very young. If your little ones have a bedtime of 8:30, then from 8:30 on, you have that time to yourself. Consider this time as your special time to unwind and relax after a long day. Have a glass of wine, indulge in some spa treatments, or have a nice conversation with your spouse or close friend.

how to still make time for yourself as a busy mom. 

Making time for yourself as a busy mom is a matter of strategy. If you can pencil in time for yourself in-between your kids’ activities throughout the week, you will collect enough time to unwind and be there for yourself. It might seem like you have no time in the day to dedicate to your own needs, but with a little thought and consideration, you will discover that there is enough time in the day after all.




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