Things you need on your Baby Nursery Checklist

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Babies bring a lot of excitement but a lot of work. There are things you absolutely need to make sure you’re ready for baby. Check out Things you need on your Baby Nursery Checklist

Things you need on your Baby Nursery Checklist

Things you need on your Baby Nursery Checklist

When you are going to be a new parent, there is a lot to get ready for and a lot of things to buy. Babies are small, but they sure need a lot of stuff!  From a gender reveal, to the baby’s name, to the nursery layout and design, as well as the outfits, there is so much to be planning for. It is such an exciting time. The only issue with that is that there are some businesses out there that want to cash in on the baby market. New parents can get sold items that they don’t actually need, but if you’ve never had a baby before, it can be hard to tell what you do or don’t need. As a result, the costs can really add up when you’re thinking about your baby’s nursery. 

In order to work out what you need for a nursery, then it is a good idea to think about who the items are really for. A lot of items will be for the baby, such as an organic crib mattress and a crib. But there are some others that are going to be aimed at the parents. Your baby doesn’t need a rocking chair, for example, but if you are a nursing mother, having one in the nursery will mean that you have somewhere to feed your baby and be comfortable, especially in the early hours of the morning. 


What are some of the unnecessary expenses for a nursery? Here are some items that you could probably leave out. 


Crib bumpers, excess blankets, and dolls

There is a lot of research that suggests that suffocation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) can occur as a result of having excess blankets in the crib, as well as cot bumpers. Dolls in the crib can have the same impact, especially when a baby is new and cannot move their head by themselves. There are retailers who sell these items, but it doesn’t mean that they need to be bought. 


One of the best things to think about getting is a baby sleeping bag. This will keep them warm, but means that there isn’t the need for blankets in the crib. Dolls can be bought when children are older, but kept out of where they sleep. Crib bumpers aren’t needed, but there are some liners that can be used instead, usually made from a mesh material, if you have concerns about arms and legs getting stuck in the gaps of the crib.


White noise machines and musical mobiles

White noise machines and things like musical mobiles are marketed as a way to soothe your baby. However, you are likely to find that your child will never really need them. When a baby is tired enough, they will fall to sleep. Learning to soothe themselves is also another thing that can make a difference to your baby, and can help them as they get older. A lot of babies prefer motion to help them to sleep too, rather than just a noise. That is why a lot of these machines and items can just take up space and gather dust. These machines are best to hold off on until you know that you need one, but you might find that you don’t.


Diaper pail

You might know someone who has purchased this for their nursery, only to find that it barely got used. It is essentially just a trash can with a lid that closes, in an effort to keep the home and the nursery smelling fresh. While it does help to trap smells, why not just your normal trash? You could always use an outdoor trash can if there is a diaper that is particularly bad! They may be convenient, but they aren’t something that is necessarily needed. You might find it helpful if you are going to have multiples, but with the price tag that it brings, it may not be worth it. 




When you think about children and babies, you will naturally think of toys. You might have had some bought for you from friends and family members. However, less can be more when it comes to toys, especially in the early days of having a baby. If there are fewer toys to choose from, then it can make a difference to how much attention that they will pay to a particular toy. If there is too much choice, there will be some toys that get forgotten about and ever used. 

With a newborn, there is very little need for toys. So at first, it can be a good idea to just save your money for diapers! A select few items, such as a rattle or toy that make a noise can be helpful in the early days. Then at around four months, when they will reach out and grab things, it is helpful to have some age appropriate toys for them to grab and gnaw on. Until then, keep the nursery clear and clutter-free, and there will be more space to enjoy your baby and to take in those amazing first milestones

There are a number of items that can be bought when your baby is a newborn, if you find that you need them down the line. But when you have the essentials in for your nursery, such as crib, mattress, nursing pillows, chair, and drawers or wardrobe, then you will be good to go. Having a diaper bag ready to go with wipes, diapers, and muslin cloths is another good place to start. Buy things as you go and see how things go. It would be better to save some of your money for diapers and wipes, rather than spending it on something that you will barely use. Some baby items are worth splurging money on, but some really aren’t. 

What have you found to be essential items in your baby’s nursery? Are there any baby purchases that you regret getting? It would be great to hear what you think.


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