Angry Birds Craft with free printable template

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Who here loves Angry Birds? If you have an Angry Birds fan in your house, don’t miss out on this Angry Birds Craft! So much fun and a great way to work on their fine motor skills, too. 

angry birds craft

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Angry Birds Craft

There’s a reason why Angry Birds are so popular and fun. With so many shapes, sizes, and emotions, each kid probably already has their own favorite Angry Bird that they love.

And let’s be truthful here. We’ve probably all played the Angry Birds game on our phone a time or two, right? But when you bring those cute little birds into your home in craft form, they really do just take on a whole new life. 

The kids will love being able to be creative and use their hands to make their very own Angry Birds craft! 

Supplies needed for this Angry Birds Craft:

How to make this Angry Birds Craft

Use the templates to trace the pieces for the angry birds using a pencil. Now cut out the pieces. 

Cut out the piece from the second template. 

Roll the paper strip and glue the ends together by slightly overlapping them. 

Take the half oval-shaped piece, and glue it on the bottom side of the paper roll.

Then glue the angry bird’s beak. 

Now glue the eyes of the angry bird. 

We are almost finished! Glue the angry bird’s eyebrows on top of the eyes. 

Finish it off by drawing the bird’s eyes.

Since we just did this one to show you as an example, have fun making the other Angry Birds characters with the templates provided above! 

The Importance of Fine Motor Skills and Crafting

While crafting on its own is really, really fun, I’m also a big fan of crafts that allow kids to use their creativity and work with their hands, too. 

From a very young age, kids and their bodies have to learn how to work together to function. And when you can make it a seamless activity that helps it happen easily, why not? 

It’s crafts like this Angry Birds Craft that really help them to slow down, read directions, and then use those directions in a way that they’re cutting, gluing, using their hand-eye coordination, and more to create a fun and adorable craft. 

And once they get confidence in their abilities, they’ll realize the importance of fine motor activities, too. With this craft having little pieces to cut out and glue together, it really is a great exercise for fine motor skills as well. And as a parent, I love knowing that they’re working their minds and bodies to create something really cute, too!  

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