What To Look For In A Perfect Accessory: Style Tips And Advice

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Check out some style tips and advice to help you know what to look for in a perfect accessory. 


What To Look For In A Perfect Accessory: Style Tips And Advice

Finding the perfect accessory for any outfit or occasion is far trickier than many people give credit. You have to take multiple aspects into account, and without the proper guidance, you could find yourself in a fashion faux pas worthy of the worst red carpet gaffes! Luckily for you, this post will cover some of the essential things to consider when Looking for the perfect accessory.


What Makes Something Perfect?

Before diving into what to look for, you should understand what perfect means. In this case, it means anything that works well with whatever outfit you’re wearing at the time. However, if you have something exceptionally sentimental, you shouldn’t allow others to dictate whether or not it is “perfect.” That is for you to decide. Nevertheless, in most cases, the perfect accessory will be one you are the most comfortable with, giving you the confidence to be the best you can be!

Speak to the professionals

If you are on the hunt for a new item, the first step will be to visit a jewelry store and speak with the professionals. Not only will you get some ideas from their experience, but you can also see what the latest trends and styles are. When you speak with experienced jewelers, you will learn new things that you never knew before. This might be which ring fits your hand the best, or what pendants work well for your body shape. You have so much to think about, and getting a professional opinion can make a huge difference.

Don’t Be Swayed By Trends

Although it was mentioned earlier to look out for trends, you should not slavishly follow them. New trends appear all the time, and what is fashionable now can be a wardrobe disaster in just a year. To make the most of your accessories, you should follow the latest trends and select those which suit your style. Don’t go buying new items of jewelry because Glamour said it was in vogue. Furthermore, you might find yourself becoming somewhat of a trendsetter if you stick with your own particular style. Last but not least, classical styles have stood the test of time because they are timeless. For example, a simple pearl choker paired with a black, strapless dress is elegantly personified and will look fabulous anywhere outside of a wedding ceremony.

Understand The Types Of Accessory

Accessories, and especially necklaces, fall into various categories.


  • Choker: Typically, a choker is 14-16 inches long. Pendants worn with chokers are usually mounted high or directly to the neck without dangling down too far. In addition, chokers are trendy right now.
  • Princess: There is an appealing quality to princess-length necklaces, which rest around the collarbone area and lie just below the neck. The pendant of a princess-length necklace is usually a diamond or some form of gemstone that presents a bold statement.
  • Matinée: Necklaces of matinée length typically measure 20-24 inches long, or a little over twice the length of chokers. These are your average everyday type of necklace that you can wear if you don’t know what else to choose.
  • Opera: The length of opera neckpieces varies between 24 and 32 inches. The size of the necklace can also be cut short by wrapping it twice, which also gives it adaptability that others can’t achieve.

Consider The Stone

Whether ring or necklace, the stone or gem will often be the defining characteristic. This doesn’t count if you are going for a simple band or chain, but in most cases, selecting the correct gem can make your entire outfit “pop” like never before. Some options to consider include:


Diamonds are classic; diamonds are forever. They have been fashionable for a long time and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Although there is much consternation about the rarity (they are not as rare as you think), the fact remains that a well-cut diamond looks fantastic. The way it sparkles and catches the light can turn heads and provide you with timeless glamour.


Emerald is an exciting gemstone and is considered to be the mint green gemstone. Emerald is also known as green emerald or opaque emerald. Emerald is a variety of beryl, a mineral that forms in cavities in metamorphic rocks. The purest emerald color is bright, vivid green. Emerald is usually found in large crystals, sometimes in fine-grained aggregates of many crystals. Older jewelry often contains emeralds, so if you want to bring back an old-fashioned but elegant style, go for emerald stones.


Usually, garnets are used for pendants, but they aren’t unheard of in rings as well. Particularly if you’re looking for jewelry, there are only a few to choose from, so you can be sure you’re getting the best. They are typically orange-brown, which can be an excellent match for those with a fiery personality. You can create a vibrant contrast between the colorful gem and a black dress if you want to make a statement.




These can be hit or miss. If you find a solid colored one, you should give it a miss. On the other hand, you find one with multiple colors that glisten in the light; you should go for it. This isn’t due to any difference in price or rarity, but the multicolored onyxes look fabulous and can make an impact on any outfit.


In days gone by, pearls were extremely expensive due to the fact they only came from oysters. Nowadays, industrial pearl farming has somewhat reduced that effect. Nevertheless, they are popular not for the rarity but for the beautiful, pure white, pearlescent sheen they provide. The best thing about pearls is that you can wear them for highly formal events or casual ones if you want to stand out. They are very versatile.


Choosing an accessory can be challenging, but if you know what event you are going to and what the main styles are, you will be better positioned to choose correctly. Nonetheless, you should always ensure to stay true to your personal tastes and where whatever it is that makes you comfortable (within reason, don’t go to a wedding in a tracksuit!). You should follow trends but not be swayed by them, and when in doubt, speak to professional jewelers who are best suited to advise you.

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