The Emergence of Foodpreneurs

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The last year has given people a lot of change in their lives. Find out why there has been an emergence of Foodpreneurs within the last year.

The Emergence of Foodpreneurs 


The Emergence of Foodpreneurs

The covid pandemic and restrictions have rendered thousands of people jobless. People have been forced to seek other means of making ends meet, and food entrepreneurship has seen a surge. Thanks to social media, both men and women have diverged in the food space, creating sumptuous meals and posting them. There is a rise in homemade drinks for different benefits that consumers can take. Heart healthy meal diets provide meals during eating hours. The beverage industry has not been left behind.

Factors that will lead to the success of the food business are:

  • Passion. All businesses thrive on passion. Some of the comments on social media pages will be heartbreaking, and one must not give in or give up.
  • Target audience. The type of food you cook and present will attract a certain type of crowd. If you decide to cook Swahili delicacies, consumers who align with that culture will be your buyers.
  • The uniqueness of the recipe. A foodpreneur should have their own recipe. One method of preparation and ingredients can make a huge difference to the taste of food.
  • Focus on quality and quantity. These are extremely difficult times to live in. Consumers desire good food in deserving amounts. They need value for money, and as an entrepreneur, this may be a difficult balance.

The rise of foodpreneurs was necessitated some five years ago when restaurants wanted to expand. After the pandemic hit, the reopening of the hospitality industry, takeaways, and deliveries became the only means for businesses to stay afloat. 

The love of pizza

In America, studies show that 11% of adults and 10% of children eat pizza as a snack daily. These figures have seen a surge in pizza restaurants as new types are invented. Also, more males in any age group eat more pizza than females. 41% of adults can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; in children, the figure is 58%.

Dining out habits

Eating away from home is romantic and one of the ways of spicing up a relationship. Additionally, friendship is by association and to maintain the bond, eating together with friends becomes a norm. In 2021, according to the U.S Dept. of Agriculture, a total of $680 billion was spent on food away from home. The numbers were collected from:

  • Colleges and schools
  • Recreational places
  • Motels and hotels
  • Direct selling and retail stores
  • Drinking and eating spaces

Fast-food habits

Balancing life can be difficult. Millennials eat fast food more often. Young adults of 18-29 eat fast food at a rate of 57% weekly. Many lifestyle diseases are affecting the younger generation because of the foods they eat. The young are either too lazy to cook or want an easy way out. Men between 18-49 eat fast food weekly.

Becoming an entrepreneur in any field will force you to wear many different hats. Foodpreneurs are accountants, culinary geniuses, marketers, and crafters of the business. Additionally, a foodpreneur should not make decisions based on feelings and emotions. Similarly, don’t have expectations, as this may dampen your spirits. The business may grow slowly and small, but stability will make it survive the first five years.

Just like any business, one has control and is flexible enough to venture into other businesses. Also, no one loves debts, but most businesses have thrived on financial help. Financial institutions are creating platforms that will enable small and medium-sized foodpreneurs to grow and expand their business. An important benefit that foodpreneurs enjoy is that they can impact food trends. Moreover, this can lead to great endorsements by companies that desire to partner with these individuals.  

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