30 Marvelous Macaron Recipes

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Macarons are simply Marvelous desserts. So perfect in every way. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 30 Marvelous Macaron Recipes that will make you jump for joy! Macarons are simply Marvelous desserts. So perfect in every way. That's why I've put together a list of 30 Marvelous Macaron Recipes that will make you jump for joy! 

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30 Marvelous Macaron Recipes

Macarons are a beautiful thing. Undoubtedly, If you’ve never eaten one, you’re missing out. They’re delectable, yet delicate filled with a texture that’s hard to explain. Chances are if you’ve ever tasted one your mouth is probably salivating thinking about when you’ll get your next taste.

The word macaron is borrowed  from the Italian word, maccherone, meaning fine dough. It’s believed that the macaron cookie was born in Italy and brought over to France as early  by Catherine di Medici, a noblewoman from Florence who married the future King of France, Henri II around the 150o’s.

In 1792 Two Carmelite nuns began making them and selling them in order to survive the French Revolution. Their macarons were a little different than what we now know. Their macarons were so popular they became known as the macaron sisters. 

Eventually macarons evolved to the creme filled kind years later in Paris. 


Macarons are beautiful desserts that can be scary to make, however the pages below take the mystery out of marvelous macarons and make them easier for people like myself who are too scared to try and make them.

There are some great hints, ideas, and instructions in the posts below. You’ll be able to get some great inspiration to make some Marvelous Macarons! Grab your pastry bag and silicon baking sheets  and head below for some Marvelous Macaron recipes.

You’ll  fall in love with all these amazing Macaron recipes and add them to your baking list!

Make sure and check out each one for yourself and enjoy your Macaron making! 

30 Marvelous Macaron Recipes


30 Marvelous Macaron Recipes

This round up of 30 Marvelous Macaron Recipes will be a symphony to the senses. These delicious Macarons are as unique as they are delicious. Make sure and give them a try for yourself and fall in love with these delicate and delicious treats!

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What macaron are you most excited to try out? 

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    Thank you so much for including my strawberry macarons recipe! This is such a scrumptious collection – pinning!

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  • Reply Deirdre Van Amberg

    Cool recipes! I’ve always wanted to try to make macarons.

    April 23, 2018 at 12:43 am
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    OH no just what I need. I love these and make them too often. I love the decoration’s on them. Now I will have to go down the list and make them all to see which ones are the family fav’s.

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  • Reply Sandra Caballero

    My oldest daughter love macarons. I got to make them with her.

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    Thank you for including my Earl Grey and Lemon macarons in your list! Xoxo Mimi

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    I’ve never tried making macarons before, but they look really yummy!

    April 19, 2018 at 7:08 am
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    I want all of these. Yum!

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