Let’s Pop That Cork: How to Throw a Successful Wine Tasting Party

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Ready to throw a successful wine tasting party? Check out some great tips to help you do so! 


Let’s Pop That Cork: How to Throw a Successful Wine Tasting Party

Are You Looking for a New Party Idea?

Wine tasting parties are a great way to get together with friends and family. They’re also an excellent opportunity to try out different wines without having to buy them all individually. If you want your wine tasting party to be successful, here are some tips on how to host the perfect event.

Choose a Theme

You will need to choose a theme for the wine tasting party. Most wineries have an existing selection of wines that they offer in their stores, so you can base your theme around these bottles. For example, if you chose a specific brand of wine, you could choose to have guests bring food that compliments the theme. Decorate and make your invitations so that they fit into your chosen theme.

Choose a Venue

If you’re having the party at home, opt for a backyard area or an area with room to spread out. You will also want to make sure that there is enough seating and you have access to tables for everyone. Make sure the venue is accessible by public transportation because not everyone may drive.

Get Tasting Glasses and Napkins

You will need wine glasses and napkins for your guests for those who prefer to sample their wine straight from the bottle. If you are planning on serving a meal, make sure that you have enough table space to hold all of your food. Be mindful of allergies when choosing what kind of food to serve. If you are serving wine without food, make sure that everyone has something in their stomachs before they start drinking.

Plan Before You Purchase Wine

You will want to plan what kind of wine you are going to get before purchasing anything. You want enough for everyone who has RSVP’d to attend, so it’s a good idea to ask your guests how much wine they can drink. Keep in mind that some people may bring their own wines for tasting. Your invited company might bring High Point Wines for the guests’ enjoyment. 

Party Favors?

You can choose to give your guests something as a favor. Wine-themed stationery would be perfect for the gift table. You can also make customized wine tags or wine charms for each guest. Here are some great ways to give wine as wine gifts.

Prepare Your Sample Tray

You will want to chill the wine if it is not already chilled before the party starts. You may also want to choose a wine opener that makes removing corks easier for guests who don’t have experience with this. Plan on replenishing wine as it runs out. It’s better to have too much, than not enough.

You will need to prepare your samples for tasting by pouring an ounce or two into each glass. You can have fun with this by setting up stations where people can taste different types of wines or create games that involve guessing what type of wine is in each glass. Make sure there’s plenty of food available so guests don’t feel like they’re just drinking alcohol all night long!

Plan Your Food

You will want to plan what you’re going to serve at your wine tasting party several days in advance so that you have time to purchase everything. Focus on a menu that is easy to prepare and pair with wines, such as cheese and crackers, hummus, or a fruit platter. You can also have skewers of vegetables and meats for people who want something while they’re socializing but not necessarily tasting wine.

Have Fun!

You will want to make sure you relax and enjoy yourself at your wine tasting party. This is a time to talk and get to know your guests better. Not only are you getting together with friends, but you’ll actually get to learn about different kinds of wine while sampling some along the way.

We hope you have found some good tips for your next wine tasting party. If you need additional tips on how to make your wine tasting party a complete success, click here. Drink up!


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