Give your kids Independence with Relay

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Do you want to give your kids independence but aren’t ready to give them a cellphone? Here’s the perfect way to let their wings spread while still being in contact.  Find out why Relay has become our go to for communicating with our kids while they’re away from us. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Relay. However, all opinions are 100% mine. 

Give your kids Independence

Give your Kids Independence with Relay

If your kids are anything like mine, chances are they’re driving you crazy asking for a phone. However, as an 80’s child it’s very hard for me to bite the bullet and get them phones.  However, also being an 80’s kid I believe my kids should have some independence.

But, how do you still keep tabs on them while they’re out spreading their wings a bit? Howe do you do it without giving in to getting them a phone?  The answer is simple get them a Relay.

Relay for kids

Relay is a screen-free, smarter phone for kids that is GPS enabled. Parents of younger kids can feel more comfortable letting their kids run ahead if they know they can keep an eye on them virtually.

This is a game changer because it allows you to still keep tabs of your kids but always staying within an arm’s reach. All while still not giving in to a phone. 

The makers of Relay spent 6+ years making multiple cell and WiFi networks work together for the broadest coverage possible. Then they recruited some of the best and brightest from Motorola to take on the challenge.

Then we extended our powerful platform to deliver a seamless walkie-talkie experience over almost any network…even those that can’t sustain a traditional voice call.

relay by Republic

Relay helps you stay in Contact without the stress

We can all use a little less stress in our lives, AMIRIGHT? What If I told you here’s one easy way. 

My girls have been begging for phones but I’m not ready to go that route. They also go out a lot around the neighborhood and to friends houses and as a parent I want to be able to be in contact with them while they’re out.

So when I heard about this product I needed to try it out and see if it fit our family’s needs and man was a Surprised! 

A Relay is pretty much a walkie talkie/Cell phone hybrid without the stress. This great service is only 9.99 a month plus the cost of your Relay (which you can get on sale right now

No contracts, No gimmicks. 

Use it when you need it, cancel when you don’t. 

But I promise you, you will love having this service and be grateful it exists. 


During Halloween my girls were able to go out trick or treating by themselves, while I followed behind with their little brothers. Thankfully, I felt confident because they had their Relays and didn’t have to worry about slowing them down with their little brothers. 

Relay has become a huge peace of mind in our home. Even when they’re on the bus I know where they are and they know they can contact me right away if there’s a delay. 

The fact I don’t have to worry about them being on social media or online is even more peace of mind for me. 


Best of all you can stay in contact with them while using the app on your phone which works just like the Relay.

Relay for kids

Relay will help keep your kids on the go while you have Peace of mind.

Ready to check it out for yourself? From now until 11/23 you can purchase a Relay  for 15% off of over at Amazon.

Give your kids independence while still keeping them within arms reach. 

The Relay has been a huge game changer in our home and at 9.99 a month for service much cheaper than a traditional phone line. It comes in 5 fun colors your kids will love.

Relay by Republic

So head over to Amazon ,Target or online  and grab them while they’re on sale. You’ll thank me for making this fantastic addition to your kids communication needs. 

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