Getting Ahead: 4 Tips of Making Storm Season Less Stressful

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Storms are tricky. They pop up; they turn; they are just unpredictable. With that said, they can also become quite stressful. For this reason, decide now how you want to handle the situation as early preparation could alleviate some tension.

Getting Ahead: 4 Tips of Making Storm Season Less Stressful

Have a Plan

Know ahead of time what you want to do. Could you make it to a friend’s house in another state? Would you rather experience a new city than sit through a storm? If so, then set aside funding for the travels and be ready to go. What if you need to remain? Where would you go in your home? Locate rooms that may be safer than others. Think about bathrooms without windows and rooms that are not near an exterior wall. Do you have a shed? SteelMaster USA produces buildings that might withstand the storm’s intensity. Whatever you choose, just do your homework early.

Buy Water Early

What would you do if you lost water for a few days? During storm season, it’s possible you could have a boil water advisory, and these might last for up to 3 days. With that in mind, purchase one gallon per day for each household member. Then, you’ll also need additional bottles for your beloved fur babies. It’s a lot, but you’ll appreciate having it. This is a hot ticket during this time of year. Grab some gallons or pallets early and put them aside. Try and find a spot in your garage or a downstairs closet where this remains out of sight. Hopefully, no storms will hit and you’ll simply have a lot of water to drink in the off-season.

Gradually Stock Food

Buy a plastic tote, and fill it with non-perishable items. Try and add something to the bin each week as you do your weekly shopping. One week buy an extra box of cereal. On the next trip, pick out your favorite crackers. Balance this with sugar-free fruit cups, applesauce or no-salt-added veggie cans. What about protein? Look for cheeses that have a shelf-life as well as cured meats. Toss in a can of olives, and you have the makings of a charcuterie board. Protein drinks can also be included which would provide nutrients. Invest in the chocolate flavor so you can satisfy that sweet tooth. If a storm heads your way, get to the store for the standard peanut butter, bread, bananas, apples and oranges. These foods may last for a few days without refrigeration. At the season’s end, you can use your stored foods to offset your grocery bill.

Plan Activities

When the electricity goes out, so do the electronics. How will you occupy your time? You’ll need to relive some good-old-fashioned fun. During the daytime, get outside. If the streets are clear, play hide and seek, ride bikes and spend time with neighbors. If you’re stuck inside, then dig out a large puzzle, find a deck of cards, and nab some board games. Enjoy each other’s company, and have a few laughs together. Life has given you some bonding time. Try and use it to make memories.

Think ahead, and buy items now. With these already stocked, you can focus instead on keeping people calm and happy. 


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