Candy Corn Counting : A Hands On Preschool Fall Math Activity

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Practice counting with your preschooler with these  fun Candy Corn Counting worksheets. This is  a Hands On Preschool Fall Math Activity that will help your preschooler learn while having fun with a fall themed hands on activity. 

Candy Corn Counting

Candy Corn Math : A Hands On Preschool Fall Math Activity

This year I decided to do a little something different I’ve done before. I decided to go the homeschooling route for preschool with my 5.0.  I really hadn’t homeschooled in a while, and we’ve been busy.

We’ve been taking art lessons, we’ve been learning our letters and doing a lot of crafts. Most important we’ve been having a lot of fun. Because his attention span is very short, I have to get creative with what we’ve been doing. 

I even bought a reading program to help teach him to read. I’ll tell you how it goes, but so far so good.  

When it comes to Math however, my daughter and I were surprised one day when we both realized he knew how to count to 10. Although it’s purely from rote memorization, he is still able to count items. 

That’s why I came up with this fun activity.

Because fall is so close I can feel it, and well we love candy corn, I knew this one would be a sure hit. 

I was right. 

Basically all you need are 7 piece of Candy Corn and these worksheets. You can grab the one with the Candy Corn Counting  traceable number worksheet here.

Candy Corn Counting

You can grab the Math Fill In Number one here.


Candy corn Counting

A writing utensil, we use jumbo crayons because he loves the colors and we’re *JUST* learning how to use a writing utensil correctly and on paper, IE: No walls, floors or siblings.

Candy Corn Math :A Fun Preschool Fall Math Activity

Candy Corn Counting

There are two fun options for different levels. The first shows a traceable number so they can practice and the second gets a little trickier to help them practice number writing. 

Candy Corn Math :A Fun Preschool Fall Math Activity

To complete worksheet simply have them place a candy corn inside the cartoon candy corn and count while they do it. 

I made it so they fit just right. This way they can have almost like a placeholder that helps them visualize and really see the answer.

Finally, have the write or trace the number in the spot below.

Candy Corn Math :A Fun Preschool Fall Math Activity

It’s funny to see the challenge they get from this activity, yet the sweet reward at the end.

    Candy Corn Math :A Fun Preschool Fall Math Activity

Your kids will love this activity because of the hands on fun.

You’ll love it because it targets so many different skills like: 

Fine motor skills



and so much more! This really is for any preschool skill level. 

Candy Corn Math :A Fun Preschool Fall Math Activity 

This fall activity is perfect learning fun. So make sure and print the worksheets out and help your little one grow leaps and bounds in their quest for knowledge. 

Candy Corn Math :A Fun Preschool Fall Math Activity

Make sure and pin this activity and share with other preschool moms looking to help their little ones learn! 

Preschool Math

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