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    Fun Summer Toys For under $50

    Keeping kids busy this summer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Check out Fun Summer Toys for under $50 !

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    Keeping kids busy this summer doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out Fun Summer Toys for under $50 !


    Summertime brings a lot of fun and adventure for everyone. However, keeping them busy can prove to be an adventure at times thanks to all the spare time that one has during the summer. Whether you enjoy structuring summer activities or free ranging your kids during the summer here’s a fun list of Summer Toys under $50 that will be a perfect addition to all the summer fun that’s to be had.




    So head below and check out some of these great Summer toys that will help give your kids hours of fun and entertainment.

    Banzai Blast Obstacle Course 

    Let your kids have a fit and fun time with this fun Obstacle course that will keep the fun going for hours!



    Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Triple Hit Baseball

    This fun toy Makes learning to hit the ball fun and easy. 

    It has three ways to play: Beginners hit from the tee Rookies use pop-up pitch, with balls popping up automatically one after another “Pros” get three balls automatically pitched to them from up to 10 feet away!

    Franklin Sports Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove and Ball Set – 9 Inch

    Perfect glove for the younger little ones in your family ready to join the Major leagues! 

    Little Tykes Basketball Hoop

    This fun toy Develops social, motor skills and coordination. Best of all the Basketball Hoop Adjusts to Six heights from 2 to 4 feet and Includes an oversized rim and 3 junior size basketballs!










    Trampoline Water Park

    Add some extra fun to your Trampoline with the Trampoline Water park. A fun way to keep you cool while you jump!





    Little Tikes Spiralin Waterpark Table

    Water play table helps develop “put-and-take” and early motor skills with fun characters. Little ones will enjoy a sensory experience with the fun activities this waterpark table includes.



    Thomas & Friends Tough Trike

    Thomas is ready for action and so will your little one with this fun tough tike!

    Unicorn Inflatable Float Ride

    Who wouldn’t love to float into fun with this beauty?


    Melissa & Dough Seaside Sidekicks sand and water  Sifting funnel

    This is an exciting sand or water funnel for outdoor play and includes different layers funnel, tip, spin and sift. Bright colors and sea-creature decorations add to the fun and part of Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch.

    Play dough Modeling Compound 10 Pack

    They can begin sculpting and creating fun with this 10 pack of fun colors!

    Crayola 16 Count Sidewalk Chalk

    Your kids will play for hours outside with these washable sidewalk chalks that will unleash their creativity!


    Little Trikes Rocking Horse

    Rock into fun with this LT Rocking Horse

    Water Balloons Rapid Refill

    Make water balloon filling a breeze with this fun pack!

    Little Tikes First Slide

    Slide into fun with this Little tikes first slide you can put anywhere! 

    Melissa & Doug Sunny Clicker Shovel

    Melissa & Dough Seaside Sidekicks Cooking Baking Set

    Sea-creature inspired “baking” set of sand toys. Includes 3 cookie cutters, rolling pin, crab-topped sprinkles shaker, cookie sheet, spatula and two shell-shaped dishes.Cookie-baking theme presents an exciting twist on sand toys!

    Part of Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch, a line of products that encourages exploration and outdoor play.

    Crayola Bean Toss chalk Game

    Wham Slide Rider double Boogies
    Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide Double Wave Rider. the Original Backyard water slide. For ages 5 to 12. 15 foot slide area. With 2 bonus Slide Boogies Included.

    Sunny Days Entertainment Maxx Bubbles Bubble-N-GO Toy Mower with Refill Solution

    Kids will have fun walking pushing the Bubble-N- Go mower which features fun mechanical sounds and bubble maker.Push mechanism to produce bubbles.Includes bubble mower & bubble solution

    Want more outdoor fun? Check out 20 Exciting Back yard experiments for kids! 

    Playgro Toys Review

    Find out why Playgro Toys  are a must with your little one. I received these Playgro toys free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

    Playgro Toys

    If you love vibrantly colorful toys that are tons of fun then keep on reading. If you despise cuteness, playfulness, and learning then Playgro toys are definitely not for you.

    My little one got to try out the Fun Friends Choo Choo Train and the Shape Sorting Flower puzzle. Both of these toys were big hits.

    Playgro is an Australian company founded in 1992. Their focus is to create developmentally appropriate toys that engage children in creative, imaginative, and educational play. Because of play, children grow.

    The Fun Friends Choo Choo train is recommended for ages 1-3 and includes the engine and two train cars. There are three creatures; cow, elephant, and dog.

    Each creature, when fitted into the engineer seat, makes its own sound and the train plays a song while it chugs around the living room floor. The songs aren’t annoying (at least for the first 15 times they play) and my toddler loves jamming to the tunes while he chases the train.

    I do want to tell you that the train cars were really hard for me to piece together and while it felt like a bad thing at the time I quickly realized that it’s actually a good thing because there is no way those little train cars are going to separate on their own volition.

    The Shape Sorting Flower Puzzle is a 22 piece set and also recommended for children 1-3. My little one is 15 months old and LOVES this shape sorter even though he has no idea what he is doing. I think he likes that there are a lot of pieces and lots of colors. But even though he is clueless now I love that he is interested in the toy and I’m excited to watch him learn how to sort the shapes. As Mama I love that this toy gives opportunities to talk with my child about shapes, colors, and numbers, and sorting the pieces helps him to develop fine motor skills.

    These toys are well-designed additions to our toy collection and have quickly moved onto the elite list of most played with toys.  Even our five year old neighbor loves to come over and play with these Playgro toys – the train is her favorite. I even like playing with the shape sorter, so really these toys are for all ages. Paygro toys would a great choice for a birthday gift or a back to school surprise.


    Visit PlayGro’s website to see their huge selection of quality toys and to find a retailer near you.

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    BeginAgain Toys Review

    I received these BeginAgain Toys free of charge for my honest toy review. All opinions are entirely my own.

    I love wooden toys. There is something about them that brings out my inner child. I love the sturdiness of them, the craftsmanship, and the sustainability. But, more than that, I love the nostalgic feeling I get about them. Plus the fact that nine times out of ten wooden toys are G E O R G E O U S. So naturally I love Begin Again Toys.

    Begin Again toys are made of sustainably harvested wood or rubber made out of tree sap and occasionally, when called for, eco-friendly plastic. I love that this toy company is conscious of the environment and attentive to children’s need for creative play. Their website touts two ideas that I love. First, that children are the noisemakers and toys don’t need batteries. Yes, yes, yes. Kids don’t need toys to tell them what noise belongs to dump trucks or what sound a cow makes. Secondly, “use plants before plastic” resonates in my soul. The earth has all the resources we need so why are we creating plastic waste when we don’t have to?

    Wooden toys ya’ll. I love ‘em.

    My little one had the privilege of trying out two BeginAgain toys. The Earthworm and the PushAround Tractor.

    The Earthworm, recommended for children 12 months and up, is a combination of wooden beads made from plantation grown rubberwood and a thick elastic cord. The wood is colored with child safe water-based stains. The beads are fitted to each other in a way that lets the worm twist into all sorts of annelid shapes and the face on this worm toy cracks me up every time. My guy likes to play with this toy by manipulating it in his hands, helping him develop his motor skills. He also likes to chew on it because that’s the phase he is in.

    The PushAround Tractor, recommended for children 18 months and up, is also made from rubberwood. The tires of the tractor are rimmed in natural rubber which is supposed to help protect your floor and I don’t know about your floor but mine needs all the help it can get! The open design of this truck makes it ideal for little hands to grab and push. My little one likes to chew on this toy too because, well, you know.

    BeginAgain Toys is a Colorado based company distributing toys that are made in the USA and China. In my research of this company I have learned that they truly strive to provide eco-friendly toys that support imaginative play. They have toys for all ages and as my one year old grows I will certainly be investing in more of these quality toys.


    Click here to see BeginAgain’s full lineup of toys, make an online order, or find a retailer near you.

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    The Holidays are almost here which means it’s time to begin shopping for the special little people on your list. Here’s your chance to earn some $$$ To help towards the list. Head below and enter to win a $50 Toys R US gift card.

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    Interactive Fun with CHiP and COJI from Toys”R”Us Featuring Duracell batteries

    “This post was sponsored by Duracell as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.”

    Things have changed since we were kids. Toys have changed and technology has grown by leaps and bounds. It amazes me to see all the amazing possibilities that power my children’s imagination. Toys that only existed in my imagination are now coming to be in this day and age. Two such toys that can be found at Toys R US,  CHiP & COJI from WowWee, are an amazing example of how technology and kids toys have come together beautiful.  However, powering these toys is a piece of cake thanks to Duracell. Together TRU, Duracell and WowWee are partnering to power imagination in your kids.

    You can easily find  CHiP, COJI, and Duracell batteries at Toys”R”Us!

    Duracell has always been a staple in my home because they are the #1 Trusted Brand by parents, powering long-lasting imaginative play. So don’t forget to add Duracell batteries to your Toys R U S shopping cart when purchasing battery-powered toys and accessories.

    Thanks to these batteries I know my kids will have hours of uninterrupted fun,exploring and learning.

    CHiP the robotic dog is an intelligent, friendly robot puppy. This guy will win the hearts of everyone in your home. Because he uses advanced sensors and smart accessories, CHiP is always alert, and ready to play. He really is the closest thing to a puppy you will find out there. How you respond uniquely shapes his behavior, so no other CHiP is ever quite like yours.

    CHiP is simply amazing! It is so much fun to see him following my daughter, moving around doing his little dance and even barking,sitting and laying down. What’s most amazing is that he responds when called, obeys your commands and adapts and grows over time, letting you both experience the world around you together. He has advanced Sensors that include Bluetooth LE, beaconsense technology, gesturesense technology, voice recognition, making this the ultimate robot dog.


    Because of the smart band that comes with CHiP you’ll be able to get him to do so many things. He really does grow to become one of the family. Even his eyes tell a story,changing in colors depending on his mood. Even my whoodle Duke was intrigued by CHiP and eventually accepted him as part of the family.

      You’ll fall in love with CHiP’s adorable woofs, fun poses, and unique personality. He is simply adorable! Best of all his  Smartband technology enables CHiP to uniquely recognize you. There were many times when he would stop by my daughter’s side and whine that he wanted to be patted or play ball.

    How many robot dogs play fetch? Roll your Duracell-powered SmartBall and play fetch together. CHiP’s sensors allow him to locate the ball and his four mecanum wheels help him to quickly chase after it and bring it right back to you! Seriously, this will give you hours of fun! My favorite part was when he was tired “running out of battery” He simply looked for his bed and went to sleep(began charging for some more fun) Just like a real furry friend. 

    CHiP will become your little one’s best friend! Few toys bring together fun, learning and friendship like this amazing dog. I wish I had a CHiP when I was younger!


    For your little techie there’s a fun way to start exploring and learning the science behind computers and coding with COJI. Coding is all the rage now, many places offer courses that are hundreds of dollars for the basics. With COJI your child will get a fun way to learn how to Code with this fun interactive friend. COJI promotes Self-Learning through exploratory and creative play.  COJI’s curriculum design incorporates ‘Trial and Error’ through fun.


    Easily program COJI with simple emoji commands and encourage problem-solving through game play. Best of all you can use any smart phone or tablet to do so. It’s amazing what my kids have learned in a few short weeks of using COJI, from learning trial and error to basic patterns and following directions, this game is doing so much to help them learn so much about technology. 
    COJI teaches challenges your kids to some great games. I saw my 6 year old do things I never thought she would. Even my 3 year old was understanding some of the basics codes and ideas behind playing with COJI. 
    Best of all  COJI’s game play integrates scaffolding learning strategies by  breaking up learning objectives, with levels of challenge so kids can build their confidence and programming skills, so children can learn at their own pace.

    These toys are truly amazing and a must have in any home. It’s still early enough to grab them for Holiday lists before the rush. Most important don’t forget to head to Toys R US and grab CHiP & COJI and most important Duracell Batteries!

    Check out these fun toys in action below!

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    Play Anywhere with PlayTape by InRoad Toys

    Disclosure: Although I was provided with this product free of charge. All opinions are 100% mine.

    My two boys love to play cars anywhere and everywhere. They’re imagination can now go above and beyond with the fantastic Playtape by InRoad Toys.


    This fun and innovative playtape which sticks to most flooring surfaces is a fantastic addition to any race,playtime or more!

    There are tons of colors and sizes to choose from making any surface a fun adventure for your little one to enjoy.


    This product has been such a fun addition to their playtime. With such an easy and fast set up your little one will enjoy hours of fun anywhere they go.InRoad Toys®’ PlayTape® turns any flat surface into roads and rails, inspiring hours of creative vehicle play for kids! You can purchase this fun tape starting at $7.99 at  In Road Toys

    Best of all you can easily tear, reposition and  remove with no residue, easily stored disposable, and recyclable.

    This fantastic product is Made in the USA and recommended for Ages 3+


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