10 Family Games To Play At Christmas

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Looking for some fun family games to play at Christmas then check out this fun list that will bring tons of fun to any gathering! 


10 Family Games To Play At Christmas

Christmas is a great opportunity for spending quality time as a family. There are lots of family games that could be ideal for helping you to spend quality time together. Below are just 10 popular family games to consider playing at Christmas. 


Charades involve acting out a word or phrase – however, you cannot speak. Other players must successfully guess the word or phrase. Many people play it with popular culture categories such as books, films, songs, and plays. However, you don’t have to limit it to these things.


Pictionary involves drawing a word or phrase. Other players then have to guess what the picture is – often within a time limit. Similar to charades, words and phrases often include movie titles, song titles, or book titles.

Trivial Pursuit

This popular family board game challenges players to complete a pie by collecting pieces. To collect pieces of the pie, you have to correctly answer questions based on various trivia. It can be played in teams or with multiple individual players. There are also versions with kids’ questions. 


Cluedo is a famous murder mystery board game. Players have to gain clues from other players to work out who the killer is, which room the murder was committed in, and which weapon they used to commit the murder.  Despite its murder theme, it’s suitable for adults and kids. 


Scrabble challenges players to score points by building words on a board. Every player gets a random selection of letters out of which they have to try to create words (there are tools such as this word unscrambler that you can use to help). Scrabble is similarly suitable for all ages.


Jenga consists of wooden blocks balanced on top of one another in a tower shape. You must pull out blocks and place them on the top of the Jenga tower without it falling. This is a fun game that anyone can play.

Card games

Got a pack of playing cards? There are so many card games that could be worth playing with the family. Rummy, Trumps, Blackjack, Pairs, Cheat and Go Fish are a few popular options that are easy to learn.

20 Questions

This game is pretty self-explanatory. A player comes up with a word or famous person, and other players must successfully guess the word using only 20 questions. It’s a great game for playing around the table.

Who am I?

Players have the name of a famous person or character stuck to a note on their head (you can also use a phone app). They must then guess who they are by asking questions to other players. It is often played with a time limit. This can be another fun game for playing around the table.


You could consider organizing a quiz for Christmas day. One person could come up with the questions or you could find some questions online. There are also online interactive quizzes that you can play with all the family.

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