15 Board Games for The Whole Family

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Looking for some fun board games to help spend some quality time with your family? Then read on to check out these 15 board games for the whole family.

15 Board Games for The Whole Family


15 Board Games for The Whole Family

So you’re stuck at home and have pretty much binge watched every show on Disney +. Chances are you’re also probably running out of things to do. That’s pretty much what happened with us . My kids were starting to go to the mattresses over the silliest things. I realized a big part of it was they were board. Although they looked entertained with technology after a while it starts affecting you mentally. That’s why I decided to grab some board games and that has been game changer (no pun intended) lol

The kids have a had a blast playing some fun games that aren’t just fun but some are even educational. Best of all they’re using skills they are reinforcing skills that they need like counting, adding, fun facts, using their brains etc..  Games and riddles are great for the brain. So it’s important to make sure kids are exercising their brains, even if it is during this shut down. 

So head below and check out these great board games that will be a blast for the whole family to play giving you all some fun memories and unplugging you from the technology that sometimes clouds our brains. 

Games for the Whole family

These fun games are perfect for the whole family. They will help make the time pass in a fun way! 

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Board Games for The Whole Family

Board games are a fun way to pass the time and have fun with your family. These board games do just that. Check out a fun collection of board games you can get to add a little fun to your life.

Looking for more fun ideas for your whole family? Check out this list of Screen free activities for your kids.  Need something delicious for your game night fun, check out these 10 delicious cake recipe ideas everyone will love! 

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