What to Look for in a Strengthened Cat Food

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Keeping your pet healthy is very important. Making sure they are eating foods that will give them a long healthy life is a must. Read on to find out What to Look for in a Strengthened Cat Food.

What to Look for in a Strengthened Cat Food.

What to Look for in a Strengthened Cat Food

As a responsible pet parent, it is always your happiness to see your cat healthy and leading a happy lifestyle. It is important to keep them healthy, and it all starts with the kind of food they take. Therefore, always put into consideration, the kind of food you give to your cat and make sure it contains all the important inclusions he needs.

Similar to human nutrition, cats also require a balanced diet for good health and wellbeing. Cat diets contain crucial components like some types of fats, important minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. Sometimes cat food is enhanced or strengthened to boost its nutritional composition. Below are some things you should look for in enhanced cat food.

1. Consider the Weight and Age of the Cat

The cat’s diet will change as its age will change with its change in age and weight. The type and amount of food, as well as its components, will differ from the ones being fed to kittens and to senior cats. During the first days of the cat’s life, for instance, your feline friend will require abundant nutrients such as DHA commonly in fish oil to boost brain development. Cell growth will be boosted by vitamin B9. At the age of 1-6 and 7-10, weight, and how active they are important factors when choosing their diet.

Also, obesity and weight loss are both common problems as cats grow older. This means watching what you feed your cat closely to ensure they are not overweight or underweight. If you want to help your cat gain weight, Kate B. from Petsumer recommends choosing high-quality flavorful food that is easy to digest. The last thing you want for your cat is to risk malnutrition, bone fractures, and chronic illnesses like kidney disease.

2. Important Vitamins

The food should contain vitamins that play crucial roles in the health and growth of your furry buddy. They will serve different functions in the body. For example, Vitamin A will maintain healthy skin, Vitamin B7, B2, B6, B3, and B1 will contribute to a strong nervous system and critical body organs. Vitamin B1 will protect the cat against deficiency-related infections. Vitamin B9 will be crucial for kittens and expectant cats. Vitamin B12 will help in the growth and development of blood and nerve cell. Vitamins C and vitamin E will help boost the cat’s immunity.

3. Crucial Minerals

Minerals are also paramount aside from proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Just like in humans, Calcium is needed for strong bones, teeth, and joints. Phosphorous aids calcium in maintaining strong joints, bones, and teeth; and it also helps in ingestion. Magnesium is crucial in all body functions such as energy synthesis. Sodium ensures normal blood pressure. Zinc is needed for protein synthesis and the formation of DNA.

4. Important Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are also essential in a cat’s diet. They generally give the best energy source hence can be an alternative to carbohydrates. They provide arachidonic and linoleic acids that play a delicate role in boosting the general health of the cat. Good quality cat food will contain 21%-39% of the essential fatty acids. That factor should be highly considered when obtaining the cat’s food.

5. Food Inclusive Of Wet and Dry Feed

Mixing both wet and dry food will maintain peak health for your cat. Dry food often has better food inclusions that generally promote the wellbeing of the cat. They have a higher concentration of nutrients required by your feline pal. Their crunchiness will also boost the health of the cat’s teeth.

On the other hand, wet foods are mainly canned foods, and will contain higher moisture content that makes it tastier for the cat to munch up. They prevent dehydration to ensure your cat’s fitness and a healthy urinary system. Top-quality wet foods will also contain high-quality ingredients. Mixing the dry and wet foods will thus ensure that no nutrient is left out as you feed the cat.

What to Look for in a Strengthened Cat Food.

6. Added Healthy Nutrients

Apart from the basic vital nutrients, some additional nutrients also help in boosting the cat’s wellbeing. They include omega fatty acids for soft coat and healthy skin, fiber to help in easy digestion, and prebiotics for optimum digestion. Cranberries promote urinary health while some added vitamins boost the immune system. Chondroitin sulfate and Glucosamine will help boost joint strength while enhancing mobility. All these additional components will greatly be of help to maintain a long and healthy life span of your cat.

Just like we care so much about our health and maintaining a high lifespan, pet parents do the same for their pets. For cat parents, the above factors should be of top priority when feeding their cats. This is because proper nutrition is crucial in cats just like it is for humans and other animals. This will enable your cat to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle and a healthy and long lifespan.

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