Top Must-Have Hotel Amenities

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Any trip can be daunting. If you’re headed to New York City for the first time or the tenth time, it doesn’t matter. Trips are difficult to plan and when you’re staying in a new city, it’s important that you have a room as comfortable as possible. You don’t need any more stress to your stay! Hotels have a variety of amenities and luxuries that they offer. All hotels should offer some amenities. Here are what some of those amenities are.

Top Must-Have Hotel Amenities

Top hotel amenities


Air Conditioning

In recent years, NYC’s summers have become even hotter than normal. Can you imagine scorching temperatures that lead to a blackout? No one wants to think about those types of temperatures. Unfortunately, they are possible in NYC. What can you do during the hottest part of the day? While you may want to explore the city. It is always a good idea to save your journeys for the cooler parts of the day.

Unfortunately, with rising temperatures, they are not only uncomfortable but they are dangerous for many New Yorkers. When you are relaxing in your hotel room, you shouldn’t have to worry about the temperature outside. When you rent rooms and suites in Manhattan, you should never have to worry about the heat.

Affordable Parking

If you plan to drive, you need a place to store your car without completely breaking the bank. When you stay at a hotel, you should expect that your deals on parking will be better than if you weren’t renting a room. Parking is a major consideration for a lot of guests before they choose a room.


It doesn’t matter if you’re in the area to have a good time or for business, you need to be able to stay in touch. Most hotels nowadays offer Wi-Fi in the rooms. You should expect that you can retire to your suite for the night and use your computer to keep up with business contacts or with your friends and family.

When you’re in New York on business, there is still work to do. While having a hotel that you can relax in is crucial, you should also have an area that you can work in, if need be. You need a dependable internet connection to keep your life on track. All modern hotels should have internet service.

Clean Linens

Your Westgate New York City Hotel’s room should be a comfortable place for you to escape to at the end of your day. You should expect that the bedding is clean, soft and comfortable. In addition, there should always be clean and fluffy towels readily available to you. When you stay at a hotel, part of the experience is convenience. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything. There is nothing wrong with feeling luxurious when you return to your hotel.

Restaurants or Nearby Food

When you’re staying in New York, it isn’t difficult to find good cuisine at all hours. Still, if you’re staying in a hotel, you need access to food. Sometimes, you may want to stay in the hotel to eat. When choosing a hotel, you should choose one that either has a restaurant on-site or restaurants close by. Food should always be within walking distance. Most hotels offer room service and an on-site restaurant for their customer’s convenience. At your hotel, you should never have the option of going hungry. In addition to restaurants, make sure to check the reviews. The food should be worth the price and a notable part of your stay.

Planning your New York City trip can be daunting. If you’re traveling far from home, you want to make sure that your experience is the best that it can possibly be. Whether you are a seasoned or new traveler, when it comes to choosing hotels, there are a lot of mistakes that you need to avoid. You want to ensure that you are getting the best possible service and the best amenities available.

While many hotels have a variety of amenities that they offer, there are some basic amenities that all hotels should have for their clients. These are basic amenities that most people need and should be able to take advantage of during a hotel stay.

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