Tips to Prevent Summer Slide During Summer Break

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Kids can fall behind on their knowledge and get the infamous summer slide during summer break. Here are tips to prevent summer slide during summer break.

Tips to Prevent Summer Slide During Summer Break

Many kids lose some of their education during summer break. This is mostly due to the few months of break from formal education. This brain drain is known as summer slide. Summer slide impacts many kids. Teachers have found during fall testing season that kids will generally test a little lower than what they’re capable of due to the lack in formal education during the summer season. Parents can actually help deter kids from experiencing summer slide, with just a few summer break adjustments.

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Get Library Card

Head down to your local library and get a free library card for all of the kids in the family. Keep in mind that some kids may be too young to have their own library card, but they can borrow books from the library under your library card.

Sign up for Summer Reading

Many local libraries have some form of a summer reading program for kids of all ages. Younger kids can read and document their minutes on a sheet to turn in at the library where they can earn prizes and other fun rewards. Teens can participate in a teen book club at your local library to read more.

Plan Educational Fun

Between sensory bins to community scavenger hunts, you can plan educational fun with your kids during summer break. Create a list of historical landmarks or educational spots in your community and have the kids walk around with you trying to find these spots for some educational fun.

Watch Educational Shows

When you have television time for your kids, make sure some of that time is spent watching something educational. Netflix has a lot of shows about the ocean, animals and places like Yellowstone National Park that your kids can watch for both entertainment and education during summer break.

Get a List of Book Recommendations

Before school is over for summer break, ask your kids’ teachers for a list of recommended books to read over the summer break. This will ensure you’re having your kids read books that are recommended for their reading level on a regular basis over the summer break.

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When it comes right down to trying to prevent summer slide during summer break, it’s truly about making your kids’ summer break educational but fun at the same time. There are so many ways you can sneak in a little learning while the kids are having fun. The list of ideas shared today are just a starting point to help you get your creative mind flowing to come up with more brilliant ways to help your kids use their brains

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