The Educational Benefits of Minecraft

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Minecraft is a very popular video game. Find out about the educational benefits of Minecraft and why many schools are including Minecraft into their curriculum. 

Educational Benefits of Minecraft

The Educational Benefits of Minecraft


What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a unique game that can be played on the computer or via a game console. Currently,
Minecraft is only available on the following game consoles; PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360
and the Xbox One.

Whether your kids play Minecraft on their computer or a game console, the fact
remains the same;Minecraft has some educational benefits no matter where you’re playing this game.

When parents first watch their kids play Minecraft, they may be brought back to their old game playing

The graphics are simple on Minecraft, and to be honest, some parents have said it reminds them
of the Atari playing days.

With that being said, there’s more to Minecraft than meets the eye. This
survival and creativity game allows kids to learn survival skills while encouraging them to use their

The Educational Benefits of Minecraft

Minecraft is more than just another video game, it actually has some pretty amazing
educational benefits, and i’m going to feature some of those today.

Educational Benefits of Minecraft

Encourages Creativity

Using the creative mode in Minecraft is like opening a huge box of building blocks, like LEGOS and
diving in to create something magical. Minecraft has so many tutorials online that show you how to
build a huge mansion, a beautiful farm, and even garages and boats. While the boats won't actually
move across the water, building with Minecraft is much like building a masterpiece with building
blocks, encouraging kids to use their creativity.

Minecraft Enhances Problem Solving Skills

As kids play Minecraft they have to learn to make new recipes to create tools and other necessary items
during survival gameplay. Kids will have to learn what to combine to create certain tools, which tools
work to mine different materials, and how to get food to survive. Minecraft players have a specific
number of hearts and food “life”. These stats will go lower as kids go longer without food consumption
or get hit by mobs within Minecraft, which encourages your kids to use problem-solving skills to
survive in a fictitious world.

You can Learn Farming Skills on Minecraft

Many parents have enjoyed using Minecraft as a means to teach kids to live off the land. Within the
game, you can start your own farm complete with cows, sheep, pigs, and vegetables as well as some
fruits. When it comes to creating a successful farm though, your kids will find out soon that all farms
and gardens will need a water source to keep the produce going efficiently, a hoe to make sure the soil
is right before planting your seeds, and so on. The farming skills your kids learn in Minecraft are very
similar to real-life farming.

Minecraft Encourages Teamwork

While there are some mini-games your kids can play with others on the Minecraft server, the overall
concept of Minecraft is to work together. Families have started to make their own Minecraft servers so
that the whole family can join in a game and play together to build a beautiful survival world.
Minecraft is more of a team building game than a competitive game and that's why it helps encourage
teamwork skills. Kids are able to work with others within the game to build up a beautiful world or

create a mini-game for fun hide and go seek adventures or just fun together with other players on the
Minecraft server.

The educational benefits of Minecraft could go on and on, as this game is also a fabulous way to teach coding to kids when they play on the computer version of Minecraft. The basic educational benefits of Minecraft are listed here today as a means to help inspire parents to look behind the title of a video game and see how this game can actually enhance some important skills for your kids all the while educating them on necessary information and skills for life.

Now that you’ve seen the educational benefits of Minecraft, check out 10 Fascinating Minecraft facts to impress your kids.

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