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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

    Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft with Printable Template

    There’s nothing funner than to see a scampering squirrel. Now is your chance to make your very own little curious friend. This Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft is so easy to make and best of all it comes with a printable template so all you have to do is print, color,cut and paste and you’ll have your very own Squirrel craft! 

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    Squirrel Toilet Paper roll Craft

    My kids and I love to watch the curious little squirrels around our neighborhood get into their usual trouble. It always amazes me to see what increible acrobats they are.  My 7 year old also loves the Adventures of Unlimited squirrel from Mo Willems.

    Squirrels really are great characters to follow in real life or in stories. That’s why I put this fun squirrel craft together.

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