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    Paper Plate Pom Pom Chick: Paper plate craft for spring

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a craft cuter than this Paper Plate Pom Pom Chick! With just a few simple supplies, the kids will love their creation and making this paper plate craft for spring.

    Paper Plate Pom Pom Chick:Paper Plate Craft for Spring

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    Paper Plate Pom Pom Chick:Paper Plate Craft for Spring

    This preschool craft is going to be a huge hit. After all, who doesn’t want to make their own fluffy and adorable pom pom chicken? This is one of those paper plate crafts that will have the kids excited and running for the craft table just to be able to complete this from the beginning, all on their own. 

    What I love most about this simple chick craft is that it works on their fine motor skills as well. It’s an easy way for them to decorate, showcase, and be proud of their homemade craft, all while following simple directions as well. 

    When it comes to this simple preschool craft, it’s such a fun and creative activity to do. Just let them take charge and roll with it. You’ll love to see how fun and unique their chicks can be! 

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