Santa Belt Christmas Cupcakes: Easy & Fun Christmas Desserts

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These Santa Belt christmas cupcakes are not just delicious but fun to make! Check out these easy and fun Christmas desserts that everyone will love.

Christmas Cupcakes

Santa Belt Christmas Cupcakes: Easy & Fun Christmas Desserts

The holidays can bring seemingly endless agendas of parties, programs, and celebrations and usually those activities require busy moms like you and me to bring some kind of yuletide treat to share with the crowd.

These chocolate cake Santa Belt Cupcakes are the perfect Christmas Cupcakes recipe. They are easy to make and the finished product is instagram worthy.  The assembly for these Christmas cupcakes is kid friendly and the outcome is ho ho holiday perfection. Everyone will be delighted at the bowl full of jelly belly on these cupcakes.

So whether you’re going to a small gathering or a big Christmas event check out how easy it is to make these Christmas Desserts. 

Christmas Dessert

Here’s whatcha need: 

12 of your favorite chocolate cupcakes

1 stick butter, softened

2 cups confectioners’ sugar

3-5 tbsp milk

½ tsp red gel food coloring

Black decorating frosting

2 oz. yellow fondant

24 mini chocolate chips

Yields: One dozen decorated cupcakes

Here’s how to make Santa Belt Christmas Cupcakes:

Once you’ve baked your cupcakes and they are completely cool, start making your buttercream frosting. To do this use an electric mixer to beat butter, confectioners’ sugar and milk on high speed.

Once the ingredients for your buttercream are smooth and completely mixed-in with one another add your red gel food coloring. Continue beating until completely tinted.

Using a piping bag, frost each of your cupcakes.

With a piping tip, pipe out one strip of black decorating frosting on each cupcake.

Roll out your yellow fondant and cut small rectangles, about½ an inch in-size. Place in the middle of the black frosting. This will act as Santa’s belt.

Place two chocolate chips just above Santa’s belt – these will be his buttons.

Viola! You’ve got Pinterest perfect cupcakes that resemble the Jolly Old Elf himself. 

Santa Belt Cupcakes

These cupcakes would be a great contribution to family gatherings, office parties, class celebrations, or potlucks. It could even be the perfect treat to leave waiting by the Christmas tree for ‘ole Saint Nick on Christmas eve.

Don’t forget to share and pin this fun recipe below! 

Santa Belt Christmas Cupcakes: Easy & Fun Christmas Desserts

However you serve these adorable treats remember the whole Conservamome crew is wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas. 

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    These look so easy and fun, not to mention delicious!

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    These look amazing and would be great fun to make

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    My Grandchildren would love these! So cute!

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