Making Your Home Safer for Your Family

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Making your home safe is a priority for most people. It’s important to make sure that their loved ones especially are kept safe. However, what are some ways to make your home safer for your family? Read on to find out.

Making your home safer for your family

Making Your Home Safer for Your Family

A man’s home is his castle, home is where you hang your hat, and other sayings may sound cliché, but the sentiment is true. You love your people and they depend on you to keep them safe and well. There are some oftentimes-overlooked areas where small changes could be made that can help improve your home’s safety.

Batten Down the Hatches

Things can get loose, peel up and fall off in a home, and if not taken care of immediately, you may become used to them. Tighten loose railings or handrails to prevent falls. Cement or fasten the curled up edge of a rug to avoid a tripping hazard. Fix a chipped edge on a countertop or table so no one gets scraped or cut.

Check Wiring and Fixtures

Frayed electrical cords can be a shock or fire hazard and should be repaired immediately. Pull-cord light fixtures that don’t work easily need to be replaced to avoid a fire. Outlets that have a fishy smell when things are plugged in are an imminent danger. When it comes to qualified electricians New Braunfels has some of the best, so call for help with wiring issues. Don’t leave light sockets empty – they can shock when turned on, so always keep them filled.

Clean Up and Throw Out

Old belongings, junk, or trash lying around can be fall, cut or health hazard. Insects and rodents are more likely to appear in such areas, bacteria can flourish and it can lend an element of stress to a home. Dig in and clean up, discarding broken things or trash or donating those things that may still be good enough to use. Make a place to put away the items you keep and get in the habit of doing so. De-junk your refrigerator as well, cleaning out any spoiled, dried up or outdated foods and wiping down the shelves and drawers with a soapy cloth.

Clear the Traffic

Furniture arrangements in a home can create traffic pattern that may contribute to tripping and falling. If placed too closely to a doorway or stairwell, for instance, you are just one trip away from a roll down the stairs. Make sure to keep a minimum of 18” between furniture pieces and never place upholstered furniture or curtains near a wall heater.

Your family means everything to you. Paying attention to each of these areas can help make your home a safer and healthier place to enjoy the people you care about.

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