How to meet your whole family’s needs

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While we don’t cherish the idea that we have to consider death or illness in the family, it is really possible at any point. It is essential that you have plans in place to help you, help the smallest to the biggest (or oldest) members of your family. With each passing year, families, expand, and the joy is overwhelming, so much so that many people forget to plan well for the future. 


But, here are some things that you might like to consider.


The eldest members of your family might be anywhere between 60-80+. Their needs change over the years so that they might be more reliant on home care, need the TV a little louder and plenty of trips to the doctors. However, it is the perfect time to have a chat with them about their wishes and plans. Ensure you know that if anything were to happen to them what you can do in that time. You can help them wrap up any outstanding debts, clear up any issues in insurances, and even chat about funerals. It really is vital that you can carry out their wishes when they are no longer here. 

Middle Ages

This can be a little bit more tricky – because everyone knows teenagers have a lot of teenage baggage. They aren’t always the most open when it comes to talking about what is going on with them or how they are feeling. And that is a lot down to the fact that there is a big difference between how they grow up now and how most other generations did. They are dumped on with a lot of pressure, social media, magazines, high grades and so much more. 

family life

So instead of saying ‘how was your day?’, ask something more person ‘who did you eat lunch with today?’ and then have a conversation. It is easy to assume just because they aren’t all that open that they have nothing to say – it is probably the opposite entirely. 


If they live away from home, make an effort to call and swing by so that they know you are always there for them, and if they need you, they can always call. 


Little ones bring so much joy to the family. From cutting those first teeth to learning how to walk and read. They laugh at the strangest things, and their personalities often seem far too big for their tiny bodies. But that is what makes them so enjoyable. And there are two tremendous things that you can do for the smallest members of your family. One of those things is to make sure that you are saving for them into an account that they can’t access until they are about 18, and the other thing is to spend time with them. When possible turn up for school plays, talk with them about their day, read to them and listening to all of their fun stories will be they feel like a confident and valued member of the family. 


The biggest thing you can give the people you love is time. 


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