Five things to do before leaving the house for a long vacation

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Are you planning for a family vacation this year? Where are you heading this time? Before you set out on your journey, you must take care of a few things at home. You can’t just leave the house easily. In this article I will guide you through 5 things you must do before leaving for a long vacation with your family. Traveling is a therapy for some and a yearly routine for many. Not many people in this world get a chance to travel with their family. Since you have one, you must make the best possible benefit out of it. Following is a checklist of 5 things you must do before leaving for a long vacation:

  1. Pack your bags

You must be prepared with everything you need during the trip. Don’t forget to buy a suitable travel bag which can encapsulate all your stuff. You must pack minimal stuff for you will find it difficult to shoulder heavy luggage upon arrival in the vacation spot. You should pack the first aid kit, all-important medicines, mobile phone chargers, extra batteries, torch, water bottles and anything you believe will be important throughout the trip. An ideal travel bag will easily encapsulate all the important stuff.

  1. Unplug all electronics

Many people make a big mistake of not unplugging electronic items when leaving the house. This mistake can cost a lot of money. If you are devastated by paying high electricity bills in your locality and want a new connection you can get it from electricity monster. Check all the electrical appliances in the kitchen and unplug the wires. Before you set out from the house, turn off the main switch and inform your neighbors about your whereabouts for the next few days.

  1. Check the door locks

Even if you live in the safest locality of the city, there is always going to be a chance of burglars breaking into your house. Check all the door locks and fix the broken ones. The door locks should be strong enough to prevent anyone from entering the house. Burglars have tricks and techniques to break door locks of a house. If you have a modern system of automatic door locks in the house, you must activate the alarms before leaving.

  1. Wash all your dishes

You surely don’t want to come back home to the strong odor of the dishes. Wash your dishes before leaving the house so that they don’t give a strong odor when you come back. Refrain from leaving important kitchen chores. When one returns from a long vacation, the tiredness doesn’t allows one to do housework. After washing all the dishes, arrange them in the cupboard neatly. You must not overlook the discipline of your kitchen at all.

  1. Close the blinds

Blinds play a very important part in maintaining the temperature of the house. Especially during the summer season, they can greatly keep the house cool. If you fold the blinds, the excessive sunlight will cause heat in the house and also expand any stuff that is near the window. Moreover, burglars might also start stalking your house once you leave. Therefore it is better to let the blinds stay upright down. When you come back, you can fold the blinds and open the windows.


Have a safe trip with your family. Make great memories and enjoy your time as much as you can.

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