Cupcake Liner Ladybug Valentine’s Day Craft

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This Cupcake Liner Ladybug Valentine’s Day craft is so much fun to create! Now your little ones can make their own lovebugs to celebrate this fun holiday! 

Cupcake Liner Ladybug Valentine’s Day Craft

This craft is really, really adorable. What I love most about it is that it’s geared toward younger children and it helps them to be creative and work on their fine motor skills. 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the time is now to start making plans of all the fun crafts that you and your child are going to do. And if you have a preschool-aged child, make certain that this one is on your radar. 

In just a few moments of time, you can easily sit down and create one or two of these adorable ladybug crafts. It really is probably one of the easiest Valentine’s Day activities that you’re going to find! 

Once your child is done creating, you can probably hang up your new Valentine’s Day decorations and show off all their creative skills! 

This fun craft is also a great way to let your child use their imagination, too! While the directions are simple and easy to follow, who says that they can’t add a little bit of jazz and glitter to their ladybug creations? All things should sparkle when you’re making something fancy for Valentine’s Day. 

See below to find out just how simple this Valentine’s Day craft really is. 

Cupcake Liner Ladybug Valentine’s Day Craft

Gather up all the simple supplies below to get started. 

Supplies needed to make this Cupcake Liner Ladybug Valentine’s Day Craft

  • Paper: black, green and light green
  • Two cupcake liners: colors of choice
  • 4 google eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Directions for making this Cupcake Liner Ladybug Valentine’s Day Craft

First, flatten and cut a heart shape from the cupcake liners. TIP: make it easy by folding the liner in half and cutting half a heart.

Then grab the black paper and cut two circles and 4 short thin strips.

Now, glue the strips to the top of the circle to form an antenna, accordion fold the strips for a cute effect.

Pop the google eyes on the black circles.

Glue the black circles to the cupcake liners at the top of the heart. Then glue the whole ladybug to the green paper.

Take the black paper again and cut 2 thin long rectangle strips, glue them down the center of the ladybug’s body.

Also cut a few small hearts and glue them onto the ladybug’s body. If it’s easier you can draw the line and hearts with a black marker.

To add some extra flair to the craft, take the other green paper and tear off a wide strip.

Take the strip and tear off small rectangular pieces to form some ‘grass’ pieces.

Finish the craft by gluing the grass randomly around the page.

The craft is complete!

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