Easy Crab Toilet paper roll craft for kids : A Fun Upcycle craft for kids

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Looking for a fun upcycle craft for kids using  leftover toilet paper rolls? Check out this adorable Easy Crab Toilet Paper Roll Craft activity! When the kids are feeling “crabby”, this is certain to put them in a good mood! Check out this fun Toilet paper roll crab craft.

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Crab Toilet paper roll craft

Empty toilet tubes are awesome for holding onto and creating crafts. We’ve used them for binoculars or just as fun things to paint and have for creativity countless less. Plus, it also gives me a chance to talk to the kids about reusing things around the house and upcycling them into something creative and fun. 

Since this crab toilet tube is so much fun to make, you’re not going to have any trouble convincing them to sit down at the table and start crafting. In fact, you just might find that they want to make an entire crab family to showcase proudly in your home! 

Don’t forget to tie this craft into a fun learning lesson as well. Talk about the different types of ocean and sea life animals, and see if they can think of any cartoon crabs that they know of as well. 

Have them name their crab and talk about how different the shell of a crab is in comparison to the scales of a fish. There are always fun ways to make crafts educational also.

Supplies needed for this Crab Toilet Tube Craft

  • 1 clean cardboard tube, like a toilet paper tube (per project)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • 1 black chenille stem
  • Crab Cardboard Tube Template
  • Red paper
  • White paper
  • Black paper
  • Pencil
  • Clear tape

How to make this Crab Cardboard Toilet Tube

Cut the cardboard tube in half through the middle.

To use a cutting device (such as Cricut Explore), use the PNG images. Upload to your machine software. Size the images as follows:

  • Claw pieces = 3 inches height
  • Red eyes = 1.5 inches wide
  • White eyes = 1 inch wide
  • Black eyes = 0.5 inches wide

Cut another sheet of paper to fit the half cardboard tube, approximately 2 inches by 6 inches. Glue the paper to the cardboard tube.

Attach the claws to the side of the tube by bending each end slightly and then attaching with glue.

Cut chenille stem in half. Then, bend one half in the middle. 

Glue the eyes by stacking the black over the white which is over the red. Attach one eye to each end of the chenille stem. Attach the chenille stem to the crab inside the tube using clear tape.

Allow the craft to dry completely before playing or displaying.

See how simple and fun this crab craft is? In a matter of minutes, it’s done and ready to show off! Just make certain to let the glue dry completely or there are going to be issues with the eyes staying on. 

If you like this simple crab craft, make certain to check out our Bottle Cap Crab Kids Craft: A Fun Ocean Craft for kids as well. It’s such a simple compliment to this activity and a lot of fun, too! 

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