6 Ways To Enhance The Effects Of Your Weight Loss Regimen

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Getting in shape brings a whole wealth of rewards. But it also brings its share of challenges. When you’re trying to lose weight it requires discipline, moderation and consistently. As well as reducing (but not necessarily giving up altogether) your vices. But, we tell ourselves, when we look in the mirror after all our hard work has paid off it’ll all be worth it. So, we make better food choices, we politely decline when everyone else orders dessert. We sweat and strain at the gym. We tell ourselves that we love kale and quinoa. And while we may indulge ourselves every now and then (studies show that cheat meals can help to boost your metabolism and help to prevent cravings), we remain steadfast and diligent in our diets.  

6 Ways To Enhance The Effects Of Your Weight Loss Regimen

But what happens if, after all that hard work, you’re underwhelmed by what you see in the mirror? What if you catch yourself wondering whether all that hard work was worth it?

First of all, you’re usually the last person to notice your weight loss 


The truth is that even if you’re a little underwhelmed by what you see in the mirror, it’s likely that your friends will be blown away by your progress. The point at which other people notice your weight loss is usually long before you notice it yourself.  


Plus, the changes you’re making right now are more than just skin deep. You’re reducing subcutaneous and visceral fat- making your organs and digestive system healthier. You’re strengthening your heart and respiratory system. You’re building lean muscle mass and strengthening your bones and joints.


But let’s be honest. You’re not really doing this for other people. You’re doing this for yourself. And while you may already be enjoying the health benefits, you deserve to experience the confidence and self-assurance that you hoped would come with getting in shape.


Fortunately, there are lots of ways in which you can enhance the effects of your weight loss regimen, accentuate the gains you’ve made and feel great about yourself. Here’s how…


Change your frames


If you wear glasses, you may be astonished at the difference a new pair of frames can make in enhancing your weight loss. In fact, they can help you throughout your fitness and weight loss journey. If you feel that your face is still rounder than you’d like, your choice of frames can enhance your efforts at the gym. If it’s been a while since you treated yourself to a new pair of frames, maybe you deserve a new designer pair. You don’t even have to pay through the nose for them, either! Check out this link to learn more. The right frames can subtly enhance your features while still accommodating your personal sense of style and unique look. Here are some tips to help you choose the right frames:


  • Choose square or rectangular frames that push outside the lines of your face.
  • Choose browline frames. These are semi-rimless and can help balance your features.
  • Opt for bold “hipster” style frames or colorful frames to draw focus towards your eyes.
  • Choose a cat eye frame to elongate your face and create an upswept focal point.
  • Try oversized frames to make your face look smaller.
  • Give navigators / aviators to create a flattering contrast with your features.    


Rethink your shoes


We all know that your wardrobe can be a great asset in helping you to feel as confident and empowered as you deserve after working so hard both in the gym and the kitchen. But while we all know that darker colors are more flattering and slimming and that wrap style tops and dresses are a great way to keep showing off your waist to hip ratio, fewer of us are aware of just how transformative the right shoe choices can be.


Even a modest heel can lengthen the leg and add definition to the calf, helping to enhance the effects of all that jogging and all those squats. A pointed toe will also have an elongating and slimming effect on the bottom half of the leg. 


However, not all of us are comfortable with any sort of heel. And if you’re a tall girl, there may be moments where you want to stand out and moments where you want to blend in. If you’d prefer to stay in a flat shoe, a ballet flat with a pointed toe is a great compromise. Choose a pair with a low cut front. Even if you wind up showing a little toe, that’s okay. The effect will make your ankles look more slender and further elongate your legs. However, you should avoid ankle straps, especially if you’re petite as these can make your ankles and calves look a little wider.


Finally, and this is an old trick but a good one. Nude shoes and bare legs (or nude tights) can also help to lengthen and slim your calves and ankles. 


Match the colour of your skin to your shoes and hey presto- you’ll look and feel as though your legs instantly gain a couple of inches.


Use a diet in a bottle AKA fake tan


The fall season is well and truly here. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t necessarily want to show yourself off. But if you’re worried that your pale complexion will detract from your gains in the gym, you might want to consider the transformative effects of fake tan AKA, a diet in a bottle. Don’t worry, you don’t have to layer it on to reach Donald Trump levels of bronzing. It can be as subtle as you want it to be, and make you look slimmer and more toned.


Fake tan accentuates the dips, curves and shadows that occur in your body as a natural consequence of your exercise and dietary diligence. 


Change your hairstyle


Upon getting into shape, many of us start to make new stylistic changes. We change the way we dress, we change the way we do our makeup and we even change our hairstyles. This can enhance the impact of our weight loss in significant ways and add a little extra “wow” factor. Especially for those who haven’t seen much of you in a while. 


Longer, straighter hair is generally more flattering to those who feel that their faces are still quite round. Going for a longer look that’s graded or multi-layered can be very flattering as they flare outward gradually at the shoulders. Ideally, your hair should cascade down to chest level, with the layers beginning either above or just beneath your chin, with the layered strands framing and softening the lines of your face. 


It’s a commonly help belief that if you have a round face no short hairstyle will suit you. But this is a massive oversimplification. You’ll want to avoid a bob that ends at the jawline, perhaps. Still, by no means are you unable to make short hair work. Angled / asymmetrical bobs can actually be very slimming and really enhance the weight you’ve lost around your face and neck. Take a look at this article for more information. 


Master the subtle art of contouring


Finally, if you want to add extra ”wow” to your weight loss, don’t underestimate the transformative effects of contouring. It can really highlight the definition that’s coming to your cheekbones and your jawline, creating brightness and highlights in all the right places, and creating shadows to draw attention away from areas you’d rather hide. 


It can take time to feel as great as you look, and even to acknowledge the changes that your hard work has wrought in your body and face. But by using the above to enhance your gains, you’ll start to grow in confidence and start to feel more empowered.

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