5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for a New Mom

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There are so many fantastic products out there for a new mom. Check out my top 5 picks for  Eco-Friendly Gifts for a New Mom

5 Eco-friendly gifts for a new mom 

5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for a New Mom

Finding the right gifts for a new mom can be challenging since she budgets for most of the things she’ll need in advance. If you’re planning to get a gift for her, do it differently with eco-friendly gifts. They make great safe gifts too, since the health of most new moms and their newborns are often sensitive. Many organic, natural, and eco-friendly gifts are made with health in mind.

Can you think of any gift with such qualities? Read on to learn the best eco-friendly gifts for a new mom.

1.    A Natural Teething Ring


Once a baby is born, they grow very fast. Within a short time, you’ll realize that they’ve started to teeth or walk. Since you want a gift that’s eco-friendly and harmless to the baby, shop for rubber teething rings. These come in various sizes and shapes, so go for one that suits the mom and baby’s style.

Natural teething rings have a lot of benefits to both the baby and the mom. With this gift, the new mom will have an easy time handling a teething baby. It will also keep the baby busy and reduce their pain.

2.    Shop for Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

If you care about the newborn’s skin, buy them a box of diapers made of natural materials like cloth. Such diapers are hypoallergenic and work best on sensitive skin. Ensure the diapers have good absorbency to keep the baby’s bum dry all through. Don’t forget choosing on a soft diaper that’s antibacterial but free of chemicals and fits well. You can ask the mom the size of her baby to avoid bringing the wrong one. Don’t forget to look at its holding capacity to give the mom an easy time changing.

3.    Give Her A Upcycled Sari Bibs for Her Baby

Bibs are essential when feeding a newborn baby. If you want to give a new mother something but have no idea what to offer, this will work well. Go for the upcycled sari bibs, which are recycled cotton sari with metal snaps. The snaps are adjustable, so the mother will have an easy time using them. It also has a terry cloth which helps absorb all the liquid so the baby will remain warm after feeding. Washing them will also be easier as they consist of woven cotton.  Since they’re made of a recycled sari, cotton and cotton make them safe for the baby and the environment.

4.    Gift Her with A Book

A book about tips on how to adjust to motherhood can also help a new mom. Remember, motherhood comes with many challenges, some of which a new mom can’t understand. Some she might fear to ask about.  But if you give her a book with such tips, it’ll be easier for her to cope. Also, a guidebook talking about things she’ll need in her baby’s nursery will be of great help.

5 Eco-friendly Gifts for a new mom

5.    Organic Baby Carrier

You should get one of these baby carriers, which are free from chemicals for a new mom. Organic baby carriers are made of materials that are safe for baby’s skins. You can go for a bamboo baby carrier which is soft and lasts longer. Since bamboo doesn’t require any irrigation or pesticides, it’s chemical-free to make baby carriers.

Alternatively, you can buy recycled polyester baby carriers, which have lots of benefits to the environment. Since they’re made of recycled materials, they help preserve the water, resources, and landfill space. The baby carrier will help the new mom soothe the baby to sleep, giving her time to take care of herself.  


If you have a new mom in your life, don’t stress much when choosing the right gift to give her. Buy her any of the eco-friendly gifts above at affordable prices. The gifts are both safe for her and her baby and easy to use.

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