4 Surgery Recovery Tips for Moms

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As a mother your bodies will change drastically. Many times because of those changes you will need surgery. Here are 4 Surgery Recovery Tips for Moms if you happen to need any procedures done while caring for little ones.

4 Surgery Recovery tips for momsHere are 4 Surgery Recovery Tips for Moms if you happen to need any procedures done while caring for little ones.“>

4 Surgery Recovery Tips for Moms

New moms are amazing. From carrying a child for nine months to going through childbirth, there are many reasons why a new mom deserves being pampered and feeling like the woman she’s always been.

Mommy makeovers are common and are an ideal way for women to get back to feeling like the women they were before the baby came along. If you’re thinking about getting a surgery, take a look at these recovery tips to help you in the process:

Consider a tummy tuck

After having a baby, it’s normal to have a bit of excess tummy weight. If you opted for a tummy tuck, you may be concerned about what to do during the healing process. First of all, you’ll want to set aside time for recovery.

For a tummy tuck, healing time is around two weeks, for you to at least be able to get back to work. If you are all about exercising to get back that pre-baby body, you should avoid doing so, at least six weeks after the surgery. Because there will be tummy tuck scars from the surgery, you want to make sure to take care of it so the long-term scarring is minimal. Use vitamin E oil on it and always put sunscreen on over your scar when exposing your tummy to the sun.


Breast augmentation

A lot of moms will get a breast augmentation after breastfeeding, especially if it’s something they’ve always wanted to have done. If you’ve been thinking about getting breast implants for a little self-love, once you’re done with breastfeeding, it could be the ideal time.


The good thing about breast augmentation surgeries is that you can get back to your work in only a few days, although for the best outcome in recovery, you’ll want to avoid lifting or exercising for around six weeks. To make sure you have minimal scarring, consider using some kind of cream for scars and make sure to stay hydrated and eat healthy, which will aid in your recovery.


Labiaplasty recovery

Because of the delicate nature of a labiaplasty procedure, it’s wise to plan for a couple of weeks of rest and a change in your typical routine. After a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to get back to work and other typical things you usually have going on in your life.


However, if your partner is eager to get back to the typical fun that partners enjoy, you’ll want to make sure to avoid sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks after the surgery. Keep in mind, you’ll probably experience some itching after the surgery, as well as swelling. Ice can help you manage it, but always check in with your doctor about how to manage irritation or pain after the procedure, whether with intimate moisturizers or medication.


A breast lift

You may want a breast lift after breastfeeding your baby. Many women opt for a breast lift, as there can at times be some sagging after nursing your baby for a year or more. A breast lift with no breast augmentation is usually less invasive than a breast augmentation + lift procedure, and as such may not even require that long of a recovery as you would need if you were getting implants as well.


You can discuss scar cream if needed with your doctor.  You’ll typically follow up with them after about a week after the surgery. Most of the time, painkillers are prescribed, but fortunately are typically only needed for the first few days after the surgery.


In Conclusion

You go, mom! Whatever type of mommy makeover you opt for, talk to your spouse/partner/friends/family about helping out if needed. Most important  enjoy the down time to get some much-needed relaxation.

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