20 Memes that Describe Summer Parenting perfectly

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Summer is here. Although we love our kids, having them home all the time is hard. That’s why I put together this fun round up of 20 Memes that Describe summer parenting perfectly.
Parenting humor

We love our kids. But I’m not going to lie, summer parenting brings parenting to a whole other level. I am always torn during summer because I do love my kids with my whole heart. I’m also completely aware of  how this time passes SO quickly.

20 Memes that Nail Parenting During the Summer

That being said the fighting, eating and sheer exhaustion of trying to keep them busy can overwhelm even the toughest of people.

And yes, we can say all we want about giving our kids a structure free summer, but eventually we have to step in with parenting supervision because well, society’s expectations on parents is different then when we were growing up. 

I’ve learned as a parent of 6 kids if you can’t have humor in your parenting situations you’ll probably go crazy.

That’s why I’ve put together this fu round up of  memes that Describe Summer Parenting to a tee. 

Summer Parenting Humor

So after a few days of summer vacation and my kids home, I’ve come to realize the only way to survive summer is by humor. As well as by finding those souls who get what I’m going through. I’ve come to realize that there are two types of parents those who admit they’re exhausted and those who lie about it. 

So read on to see some fun summer parenting humor at it’s best. 

If you feel some of these posts hit the nail on the head, leave a comment below. If you don’t tell me how you survive summer vacation with the kids home. 

Memes that Describe Summer Parenting

One always starts off summer vacation with a lot of high hopes.

parenting humor

And let’s face it when summer hits, you get a little more relaxed. 

Parenting humor

You also begin to realize why your parents acted the way they did. 


Parenting during Summer vacation

Because no matter how much you plan, this is what the kid’s summer schedule ends up looking like.

summer parenting humor

I’m not going to lie, every morning I wake up excited about the promise of a new day.

But then the day sets in and I realize how much I need a drink…or two.


summer parenting humor

Because you also start wondering if they’re just purposely trying to drive you insane. 

or if you’re just on a ride yourself. 

And even when you try to just find inner peace, mama bear comes out. 

During the summer you also begin to appreciate how under paid and amazing the teachers in your kid’s lives are.

Standards during the summer are also thrown out the window.

and like I said before, you start saying yes to things that will keep them quiet…even if it was something you usually don’t agree to.

Summer Parenting survival 

Eventually, you’re just on survival mode.

Sometimes you think you’re better off just recording yourself and hitting play constantly.

Most important you realize how fragile your house really is with kids living there. 


Not knowing what to do.

Wondering what you were thinking when you said, I cant wait until the school year is older and things are calmer.

and just trying to keep the house clean.


Even your nerves start going a little haywire 

Summer Parenting humor

and so does your wallet…

In the end however, when all is said and done you look back at the fun you did have. And start planning your adventures for next vacation . 

summer time parenting

That is right after a week’s worth of recovery from the “fun summer you had”

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