20 DIY Creative & Cute Cereal Box Crafts

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Ready to upcycle your old cereal boxes? Check out 20 DIY Creative & Cute Cereal Box Crafts you can make!
Ready to upcycle your old cereal boxes? Check out20 DIY Creative & Cute Cereal Box Crafts you can make!

It’s summertime which means you’ll probably be looking into ways to keeping your kids fed and entertained. This fun post will make sure you do both! Because let’s face it sure you can begin the summer making delicious home made breakfasts every morning but #life happens and you realize ehhh maybe cereal is a better path to take after a while.

You can own this parenting game though by making some pretty amazing crafts using cereal boxes that would other wise be thrown in the garbage.

So head below and check out how easy it is to put together a fun craft using some of your favorite brands. Some can be the perfect gift for that eclectic person, others are a blast for some rainy day fun.

DIY Tote Bag from

Elephant Craft from

DIY Robot†from

Mini Notebook†from

Cereal Box Mosaic Frame from

Upcycled Cuckoo Clock†from

DIY Fruity Pebbles Cereal Box Utensil Holder from

Winter Diorama from

Cereal Box Mailbox†from

Recycled Cereal Box Backpack for Kids from error

Cereal Box Totes from

Kid Crafting-Monogram Letters†from

DIY Magazine Holders from

DIY Cardboard Crowns†from

DIY Piggy Banks†from

Miniature Mid-Century Modern House from

Pocky Memo Box from

Tissue Box School Bus and Cereal Box School†from

DIY Cereal Box Notebook from

DIY Easter Baskets From Cereal Box & Milk Jug from

Valentine’s Love Bugs†from

Looking for some more fun craft ideas? Check out this fun round up of 20 Cute and fun toilet paper roll crafts ideas and another round up of 18 Upcyled crafts !

It’s amazing the fun you’ll have with some products that would otherwise have made it to the garbage 🙂

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