Tips for Surviving Homeschooling with Young Children

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A lot of parents will be diving into homeschooling this year. But how will you keep your day going smooth with small children and homeschooling. Here are some great Tips for Surviving Homeschooling with Young Children.

Tips for Surviving Homeschooling with young children
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Tips for Surviving Homeschooling with Young Children

When homeschooling with small children at home, you might think that you will have a difficult time getting anything done. Although you certainly have your hands full, there are some ways to keep your day going smooth while homeschooling your older children and keeping your younger children occupied. If you get creative and get into a good routine, things can work out perfectly for your family.

Get an Earlier Start to Your Day

It may be a bit of an adjustment at first, but try waking up an hour or two earlier than your children. When you do this, you are giving yourself some quiet time where you can gather your thoughts, have your cup of coffee, and make specific learning plans for the day.

Make Busy Baskets For Your Younger Children

When you have young children who are not quite ready for school, it helps to have busy baskets available for them to use while you are teaching your older children. You can put lots of different items inside the busy baskets to keep your little ones entertained. While the items you select will vary based on your child’s age, these are a few of the things you can put inside of these baskets:

The goal is to put anything in the basket that you know is entertaining and fun for the younger children because that is what you will use to keep them somewhat distracted while you are trying to help your older children with their work.

Get Your Children Into a Routine

Having a set routine is the absolute best way to keep your day going smoothly. If you let your children know what they need to do and in what order you want them to complete those different tasks, they will quickly get in the habit of the new routine.

Remember, you can set a routine that works best for your family and may consist of numerous breaks for the children throughout the day. Providing your kids with several breaks and giving them time to spend outdoors is important when you are homeschooling. Not only is it good for the kids, but also for you.


Combine Naptime With Quiet Time

Do you still have young children who take naps? If so, you can use this time wisely. When your younger children are napping, you can encourage your older children to complete independent studies or projects.

It is even a good time to have your children reading a book or doing something else that does not require talking or making loud noises. It is a lot like being at a traditional school where children must remain quiet while in the library.

You can have small children at home and still homeschool your older children. While there are times when it might feel challenging, getting into a routine and making the most of the available time that you have throughout the day is the best way to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

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