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    4-Ingredient Ritz Treats

    Get ready to fall in love with this simple snack. Not only do these 4-Ingredient Ritz Treats taste awesome, but they’re so crazy easy to make, too! Whip up a batch for a delicious after school snack or the perfect weekend treat. One thing is for certain…these simple Ritz Cracker treats will be gone as soon as you put them out on the plate! 

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    Delicious 4-Ingredient Ritz Treats

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m going to love any recipe that takes just 4 ingredients. It’s not that these Ritz Cracker treats are lacking in flavor at all (trust me – they’re so good!) but I do love that they’re actually lacking in an abundance of ingredients.

    Time is limited now. We’re all feeling the stress and the rushes of the world so when I know that I can make a simple dessert for the family with just a few items that I already have on hand, I’m excited and have no issue making that happen.

    I also love this Ritz recipe because it’s one that can be a “grab and go” type snack as well. I’m not a huge stickler about not letting the kids eat in the car so if they’re needing a quick bite or snack as we’re running out the door, having these snacks on hand makes it super simple and fast! 

    Best of all they’re a unique and delicious spin on Rice Krispie treats. So read on to see how easy it is to make these delectable treats! 

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