Step Up Your Home Management Skills With These Tips

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Running your home can become a full time job. However, most of us don’t have the time and energy for an undertaking like that. Now you can Step Up Your Home Management Skills With These Tips

Step Up Your Home Management Skills With These Tips

Step Up Your Home Management Skills With These Tips

Keeping your home running smoothly is a much more difficult task than you would imagine. Routines, no matter how ingrained they may seem, can fall to the wayside, and life often throws a curveball or ten when you are least expecting it – pretty much the whole of 2020 is a prime example of that! A household can be like a tower of cards; it only takes one to be removed for the whole thing to collapse into a chaotic heap,

While no one can predict or even stop things from happening, what we can all do is take steps to be a little more prepared and to have our home running smoothly and like clockwork the rest of the time. Then, when one cog stops working, the rest keep on going.

If you want 2021 to be the year where you step up your home management tips, read on to find out more and get ideas.


Set up a command center

Look on Pinterest and you will see all sorts of fabulous command centers. While aesthetically very pleasing, they can also be superb tools for having an organized and well-managed household. It ensures that everything you need for particular tasks is in one place; just make sure that you put things back there. Keep home essentials such as pens (that work!), sticky tape, scissors, stamps and anything else that you often find yourself rummaging through various drawers for. Keep phone and device chargers and keys there when they are not in use, as well as a family planner and a list of emergency numbers.

Have spares to hand

If you know certain things are going to need replacing, make sure that you have spares to hand well before they are needed. For example: batteries. We all know that smoke alarms, fire detectors, kids toys and various other household essentials need batteries replaced regularly, so ensure you have a supply of various sizes to hand. If the batteries in the smoke alarm run out late at night, you can replace them and keep everyone safe. The same goes for parts – if you know that your washing machine eats filters, or that at some point soon your dishwasher is going to need repairing, get those parts in early. If it breaks down, you do not want to waste valuable time having to find your dishwasher part – you will already have it to hand!

Regularly declutter

Chaos and clutter often go hand in hand, so if you can eradicate one, you can reduce the risk to the other. Start off with a bootcamp session. Get your Marie Kondo on and get rid of anything that does not spark you joy or serve a useful purpose. Make sure you do this responsibly – eBay, Facebook marketplace and thrift shops are a great way of clearing clutter and potentially making you some cash as well. Once you have decluttered, try to minimise the amount of stuff that comes into your house, and once something has served its purpose, remove it from the house. 


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