Solutions to Common Plumbing Problems in Commercial Properties

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You have your own business but now you start having issues in your commercial property? One can be plumbing. Check out Solutions to Common Plumbing Problems in Commercial Properties


Solutions to Common Plumbing Problems in Commercial Properties



Even if all plumbing is not created equally, when comparing residential and commercial plumbing, the commercial is considered to be far more complex. Dealing with common problems that commercial facilities can encounter, means many challenges on the way since issues can be very different from residential plumbing problems.


As an example, just imagine a family home. Afterward, think of an image of a 20 story office tower. Just by doing this, it will not be for you difficult to see how different these two are, thus problems they can encounter.

Some of the common plumbing problems that happen on the commercial property might resemble what happens in private homes, although commercial concerns can be magnified simply because of the size of the venue. If you are unsure what are the solutions to plumbing problems in commercial property, this article might give you the clue.

Clogged Toilets

Unfortunately,  there is a certain number of people that simply can not see the difference between a toilet and a trash bin. Clogged toilets are a huge problem.


For starters, they can cause a bacterial infestation in the facility bathrooms. Also, clogged drains are a common issue that needs to be addressed. Preferably immediately to prevent bigger problems from happening. A plumbing service can provide you with all available options and help you choose the needed service which experts at can confirm. The contact number of a reliable plumber service should always be kept with you. That will prepare and make you ready for emergencies such as these. Also, it would be wise to set up rules for the proper usage of the restrooms.

 That will prevent as much as possible these types of scenarios from occurring in the first place.

The Smell

Sewer smell could lead to serious injury to the respiratory system. Odour is a mixture of inorganic gases. Usually, they contain compounds such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, as well as hydrogen.

Breathing in this combination of gases directly from the sewer is hazardous. Thankfully, the smells that occasionally occur are in the majority of cases only annoying and not as harmful.


Even if sewer smells in your home may be inconvenient, the effect of sewer smells for a business can have a huge impact. It would always be best to consult with an expert individual that will assist you with your problem. Here are some usual ways those gases can enter a building.

A Dry Trap

This is the most common cause of sewer gas unpleasant smells. A trap is a simple yet effective little gadget when dry. It is made out of u-shaped tubing and it connects one of its ends to the drain while the other to a sewer line. A “simple” solution is to replace it if it is not dry anymore.

Blocked Vent

Since vents are used to equalize the pressure caused by the wastewater that runs through the system, sewer odors can escape. If the venting is blocked, smells can not be released outside. Thus, they need to be unblocked.

Cracked Drain Lines

Although rare, drain lines can have a crack or break over time. In some cases, it will happen with age or after an earthquake. Drain lines should be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible with professional help.

Can Pipes Burst?

Burst pipes are not only expensive but hazardous plumbing problems as well. A huge leak is hard enough to deal with, although it can certainly significantly reduce the water pressure.

In some instances, water can be contaminated. Here, seeking professional assistance is also a solution. The pipe can burst because of a few reasons:


  • The earthquake
  • Tree roots are growing into the piping underground
  • The piping is too old
  • Corrosive metals are eating away the pipe material

A Failed Sewer System

Your worst plumbing nightmare, as well as of any commercial property can be a failed sewer system. Not only that it is a smelly and expensive problem to fix, but it can create other problems as well. For instance:


  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Foundation wall cracks
  • Rodent or insect infestation


For this kind of plumbing issue, a professional plumbing service should always be contacted. They will be able to replace or repair the sewer lines. As a bonus, with a closed-circuit, plumbers can visually inspect where the issue exactly is without having to “pull up” the entire ground.

It is a crucial part of a business or any office operation to fix and have regular plumbing maintenance and or repairs. This applies to any commercial building.


A step like this is important since it is considered a part of a company’s service to the clients or customers. In case you are certain that you are experiencing a plumbing problem this article might find useful.




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