Get More Sleep During Pregnancy : Remedies for Pregnancy Sleep Troubles

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Although Pregnancy is one of the most exhausting times in a woman’s life getting more Sleep During Pregnancy can be almost impossible. Here are some great Remedies for Sleep Troubles during Pregnancy.

Sleep During Pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy is very common! You can experience through your whole pregnancy, just the beginning, or the end. No matter what, it is super hard when you are so exhausted and you can’t seem to fall asleep!

Around 75 percent of pregnant moms to be will say they experienced trouble sleeping. You might be up due to having acid reflux, restless legs, needing to pee for the tenth time,  can’t get comfortable, to name a few! Whatever the reason, I will share some remedies for trouble sleeping during pregnancy, in hopes that it can bring you some relief!

Getting More Sleep During Pregnancy

Nap: If you find that you can’t sleep well at night, and have time during the day, take a nap. Getting enough sleep is hard when you are pregnant, and if you can take a nap each day to try to catch up then do so!

Pillow Between Legs: If you didn’t buy a pregnancy body pillow, then consider placing a pillow in between your legs. This can help with hip pain during the night. It will take pressure off your hips, and hopefully it won’t wake you!

Comfy: Make sure you are comfy in your bed! That means pile up the pillows if that is what you need to get comfortable. Make sure the temperature in the room isn’t to hot or cold. A lot of women say they end up sleeping on the couch later in pregnancy, as they find that more comfortable than their bed. So do whatever it takes to get comfortable.

Limit Water Intake: Staying hydrated during pregnancy is a must, but you can limit your intake before bed. Try to drink your fluids earlier in the day, and limit it an hour leading up to bed. Try to not drink more than a cup of fluids an hour before bed. This can help limit the times you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

Avoid Caffeine: Try avoiding caffeine as you can be more sensitive to caffeine when you are pregnant. If you do have caffeine aim for drinking it earlier in the day.

Nutrition: Make sure you are choosing healthy and nutrient-rich foods in your diet. This can help a lot. Also if you eat high carbohydrate foods, like breads or crackers, it can promote sleep. But make sure to get your fruits, veggies and proteins  in as well.

Acid Reflux: Now if you have acid reflux, don’t eat at least an hour before bed. That can help reduce the reflux during the night.

Exercise: Making sure to stay active can really help you sleep more sound throughout the night. Even by taking a walk around your neighborhood can help wear you out enough that you sleep more sound!

If you find that none of these offer any relief, maybe reach out and talk to your nurse or doctor for other solutions. I know that you can find safe sleep aids to take while pregnant, but it isn’t always the safest. So trying simple solutions like above are best.

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