New Year, New Decor! Top Home Decor Ideas for 2021

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Looking for some great ideas to help make your home look it’s best this year? New Year, New Decor! Top Home Decor Ideas for 2021

Top home decor ideas


New Year, New Decor! Top Home Decor Ideas for 2021

2021 is only a few days away, and if you’re like most people, you are already thinking up new home décor ideas. It is a natural tendency for people to usher in or live through every new year with fresh home décor (no matter how subtle). This creates a sense of newness and an opportunity to use multi-functional spaces effectively. With the US décor market heavily segmented, home décor is expected to exceed $17 billion by 2027. What do you intend to do with yours? Find out some cool ideas here.

  • Use indoor plants

The cyclical demand for home furnishings in the US continues to grow, and a common item on this list are indoor plants. Houseplants fell out of fashion in the early 90s but made a popular return in the early 2000s. Besides their aesthetics, indoor greenery filters pollutants, freshen the air, infuses calmness in rooms, and shows the homeowner’s appreciation for nature. For some people, having an indoor plant has therapeutic effects. Do you need ideas for indoor plants? Here they are!


For the best hanging types, the Heartleaf Philodendron is the ideal choice; they do not need much light to thrive. Another example is the Snake plant Zeylanica, and these are best for improving indoor air quality. Meanwhile, the Bamboo Peace Lily will require weekly watering, and with low light, it will blossom and add vibrancy to your rooms. The Spider plant is a favorite among persons who desire easy maintenance. These plants do not require daily watering or much sunlight. With a moderately-lit room, these potted plants do well on their own.

  • Create a cottagecore in your outdoor space

Cottagecore style is a concept that celebrates a nostalgic return to simpler times. However, if you take a quick online tour of Pinterest and other social media platforms, you will realize an infusion of traditional style with touches of glamour. Because cottagecore focuses more on harmonizing with nature, vegetation plays a critical role in this décor style. With outdoor foliage comes fallen leaves and dust (from the soil) in every exterior part of the home. The areas that suffer most are your windows, roofs, and gutters. At this point, you should be ready for gutter cleaning experts to bring total sanitation to your home’s exterior portions. LaborPanes handles such cleaning services in the Greensboro area.

  • Create more entertainment spaces at home

Adjusting to outside entertainment is now attractive because staying in is the new outing. Thanks (or no thanks) to COVID-19, people significantly altered their lifestyles to suit the trying pandemic period. For example, the introduction of working from home created an avenue for most people to spend more time in their living spaces. This change created the need to include relaxation and entertaining areas at home.


Therefore, adjusting to home entertainment will include a desire to recreate features in your favorite leisure places. It will involve acquiring giant television sets, creating more lounge seating, and investing in modern sound systems. More so, because dining in has also changed, consider remodeling your kitchen and changing your serving ware. Indeed, it all depends on your financial muscle. However, there are less costly things you can do to create the same effect in your home.


2021 will strongly feature a return to sustainable materials for home décor ideas. And people are likely to lean more towards maximizing multi-functional spaces in the home. Indeed, 2020 taught society to reimagine their living spaces and strive to make them better for the years ahead.


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