Memes That Sum up what it’s like to have Teenagers / Tweens

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I always use to think having a baby was so hard and I couldn’t wait until my kids were older for life to be easier. Man was I wrong. Things have gotten hairy with tween/teens in the house. Here are some Memes That Sum up what it’s like to have Tween/Teenager around. 

Memes that sum up what it's like to have teenagers

Raising Teenagers is Tough

Whenever I tell people I have 6 kids they’re always shocked. I’ve come to quickly realize that although my older kids are more self reliant them hitting the teen/tween years has been an emotional rollercoaster for all involved. I honestly feel like the early years are a piece of cake compared to some of the stuff we’ve been going through the last couple of years in our home. 


As a mother, I’ve also learned you have to laugh or you’ll go crazy in the process. There are days I am wondering what the heck happened to my sweet little babies and who replaced them with the Troll under the bridge. Other days they are the sweetest most loving and funniest teen/tweens around.

What character will I get that day, your guess is as good as mine. 

I know being a tween/teen is hard. I’m also well aware times have changed and they’re under quite a bit of pressure. Social media doesn’t help either. 

So, I’ve put together this fun roundup of memes that nail what it’s like to be living with a tween/teen daughter. It’s not easy and let’s face it there are days when you’re asking the Lord to give you the strength. While other times you’re apologizing profusely to your parents for anything you made them go through.

So read on for a good laugh at the ups and downs of  parenting  teens and tweens

Memes That Sum up what it’s like to have Tween/Teenager

Because you’re able to set the mood with even one word…

And Heaven forbid you ask them to do anything or go anywhere… 

There are days when this is literally what it feels like. 


Then you realize that some things never change.


Or what’s worse is when you start seeing yourself in them…

It really is a slap to the senses where you want to call your parents and apologize for everything you ever did…

Like apologize for real…

However, you wonder how you’ll make it..

If you have boys you begin to  realize that boys are just as dramatic as girls…

Honestly, Tweens are just as bad..

And not easy by any means. 

and then there are days you THINK things are calm and quickly realize they’re not

Because who would think something as small as breathing would set a teenager off..

So it becomes all about survival..


What’s it like living with a teenager? 

Or the fact you know nothing right?


And even when you try to express parenting authority you realize there’s always a battle…


Then you realize you weren’t that innocent and remember all the stupid things you did…

So when they ask you to do things you think you’re getting a sweet heart but sometimes..



and even when it’s something as simple as going to school…

or cleaning their room…

and realize you had it good when they were little.. 

and wonder when it will get easier…

and even when they aren’t doing anything to crazy, you also realize the amount of money they cost.


Because for real….


and even you start changing ….

   and just when you’re about done with them…


and think wow where did me sweet babies go?

You are well aware of everything they’re going through and try to understand them a little better…

So hunker down for the ride…

Because they will know everything….


and remember it’s not going to be easy on anyone….



So yes, raising teenagers is super hard, but in the end it’s how you navigate through these years that will yield what you give into this.

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