How to Live a Sustainable Suburban Lifestyle

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We’ ve all heard a lot about sustainability but what exactly does it mean to be sustainable? Find out how to live a sustainable suburban lifestyle. 

How to Live a Sustainable Suburban Lifestyle


How to Live a Sustainable Suburban Lifestyle

Indeed, the modern suburban landscape is changing in drastic ways as more eco-friendly innovations are introduced year after year. Homeowners, for their part, have become conscious not just about their energy bills, but also about picking eco-friendly solutions for their homes.


While it may seem difficult to adopt electric cars or solar panels, these are subtle changes that could lead to significant benefits in the long run.

So, how do you shift to a more sustainable lifestyle? Here are a few things to help you on your way:


Change to CFL or LED lighting


The most basic change you can do is to replace outdated bulbs or lamps with energy-efficient ones. LED and CFL lights are known to last longer and consume less electricity, allowing you to cut your utilities spending significantly.


Install programmable thermostats


Are you still using a traditional thermostat? Modern homes now come with programmable thermostats that allow you to set optimum temperatures for each area of your home. Replacing this device can help lower your energy bills and optimize your home’s heating and cooling capacity.


Shop at a farmer’s market


When it comes to food, it’s important that you pick produce fresh from the farms. Many items on the shelves of your local supermarket may contain traces of chemicals. Leading a sustainable lifestyle means avoiding such products and embracing locally grown food. So, update your grocery list and visit your community market for the freshest picks.


Upgrade your appliances


You should know by now that the older appliances get, the more they consume electricity. If you have a fridge that’s been around for ten years already or a television that’s been around way longer, you should consider selling them and buying new models that have energy-saving features.  


Use the environment for exercise


For some people, keeping fit means driving to the gym where you spend time (and money) on a treadmill that consumes electricity. Why take this route when you can simply workout at home or jog around the neighborhood? It consumes less fuel and also gives you a more efficient way to keep fit at your most convenient time. For instance, you can always jog at night, but be sure to wear reflective running gear before doing laps of the local park.


Replace your gas furnace


Older gas furnaces are known to consume large amounts of energy. What’s ideal for modern homes are high-efficiency gas furnaces that provide multi-stage burners that adjust energy output depending on certain weather conditions. No longer will you have to pay more for wasted heat.


Maximize solar


Surprise, surprise! Shifting to solar power is the end goal of achieving a sustainable lifestyle, so it’s important that you look at tools that can wield solar power. Aside from solar panels, you can also look at solar-powered water heating to cut your energy consumption further. You just need to find a capable contractor to help you install these units in your home.


Starting a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be that hard. It’s only a matter of adopting the right mindset and the right tools. 

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