How To File For Compensation After Being In A Car Accident

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No one wants to be in a car accident but if you are check out how To File For Compensation After Being In A Car Accident


How To File For Compensation After Being In A Car Accident

Being involved in a road accident is many people’s worst nightmares. Sadly, though, they are all too common, with more than 14,000 taking place every day on US roads alone. The state of Nevada, for example, deals with approximately 61 road accidents per day, a relatively low amount compared to states like New York which has ten times more – 624 per day.

The problem many people face is that they are unsure as to what happens after an accident; what they can do to make sure they are compensated for the nasty situation they have found themselves in. Insurance companies, both yours and any other drivers, will do everything they can to pay the smallest compensation amounts possible. Often, people are unaware that they could have claimed for far more. In this article, you will find all the top tips on how to file for compensation after being in a collision.

Make Sure the Police Are Informed

It’s worth noting that as soon as an accident occurs, you should call the authorities. Letting the police know you were involved in a car accident is very important, as you will likely need their help when you seek evidence. The police report will become a vital part of your evidence, too. Even if you think no one is seriously injured, make sure you contact the relevant police department to inform them about the accident. It could make a huge difference in compensation and insurance claims later on.

Take Photos if Safe

Alongside a police report, you should take as much evidence from the scene as possible. Only do this if you are well enough to do so and the scene is safe from potential further hazards. Don’t go walking down the middle of an open highway to take a picture! But, evidence from the scene can be a huge part of your insurance claim, especially if another driver, faulty car, or bad road are to blame for your accident. So, as long as it’s safe, take as many pictures and videos as you possibly can. You can never have too many!

Your Medical Reports are Key

It’s also essential that you see a medical professional after your accident. Their professional opinion, reports, and medical statements will also form a huge part of your evidence for any claim. Aside from that, it is of course important to make sure that you are healthy and well looked after. Your injuries must be fully assessed so that you can recover properly and seek ample insurance for them.


Find a Great Lawyer

At this stage, the best thing you can do is find a great lawyer who is specialized in injury and automobile accident claims. These lawyers have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, meaning they can help you build the strongest possible case to put forward to an insurance company. As mentioned, insurers will always try and pay the bare minimum when it comes to your claim. However, a strong attorney will tirelessly negotiate in your favor to ensure you get as much as possible.

Put All the Evidence Together

Once you’ve met with a lawyer, it’s time for them to gather all of the evidence relating to your claim. This will include everything we have mentioned so far: medical bills, doctor’s notes, police reports, and any evidence you have already collected. On top of this, they may well use subpoenas to access more information pertaining to your claim. This could include information on any other drivers involved, CCTV recordings, or access to witnesses for written statements. All of this adds up to make the strongest possible case.

Lawyer’s Negotiations

Once the case is ready to submit, your lawyer will reach out to the relevant insurance company – or companies – to start negotiating a settlement amount. The insurance company may well try to negotiate this down, but with all of their experience, your legal team will be able to negotiate as hard as possible to try and get the settlement you rightfully deserve. In any case, where you are injured, have lost money, or are missing work, a lawyer is far better placed than you to perform these intense negotiations. Without a lawyer, you are likely to be pushed around by insurers and their legal teams.


All of these steps combine to make the perfect conditions for an excellently valued settlement. Without decent evidence and a strong, experienced, knowledgeable legal team, you will likely struggle to get ample compensation or find yourself missing key information. So, find a lawyer, see a doctor, and then wait for updates on your case.

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