Choosing plants for your kid’s room

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There are many benefits to having plants in your kid’s bedroom. However, what plants are the best to put in their room? Check out choosing plants for your kid’s room.

How to choose the best plants for the kid’s room


You should always encourage your kid to be a nature lover? The best way to start is to have some plants in your kid’s room. The plants tend to rejuvenate the environment in the room. Plus, your kids will get purified air in their room.

However, choosing the best plants can be more of a challenge. You need to be sure that the plants are not a safety hazard for your kid. We will suggest the best plants that you can have at home.


How to choose the best plants for the kid’s room

When you choose the plants for your kid’s room, then ensure that the plants are not toxic. Secondly, you should not have plants like Cactus in your kid’s room. They have spines and can be hazardous for your kids and the kids can get injured.

Your child’s room may not be exposed to direct sunlight. Secondly, your child may not be able to give water to the plants. Well, this is why you need to have plants that can tolerate this neglect.

Ideally, you should have colorful plants in your child’s room. They will add a vibrant touch to the room.

Plants that children should have in their room

Neon Pothos

It will be a smart idea to have Neon Pothos in your kid’s room. They need indirect sunlight. Plus, weekly watering will be sufficient for these plants. What you need to do is put a balanced fertilizer into this plant once a month.

It is also essential to ensure that the soil remains moist at all times.

Go for succulents

The best approach will be to have some succulent plants in your child’s room. The good thing about succulent plants is that you only need to water them once a month. However, these plants require bright light.

You need to give water to the succulent plants when they start to shrivel.


You can easily have Begonia in your kid’s room. The reason is that the plants require low sunlight. You can water the Begonias once a week. However, make sure that you put some houseplant fertilizer in the Begonia plant once a month.

The soil of the plant needs to remain moist. You do not have to indulge in frequent pruning for the Begonia plant. It is one of the reasons to go for this plant. When they need pruning, make sure that you remove all the dead leaves.

Snake Plant

It will be a smart idea to have a Snake Plant in your child’s room. They are resilient plants. They act as the perfect air purifiers. The best part is that the plant does not require a lot of maintenance.

When you choose the Snake Plant for your child’s room, it needs to have dark leaves. If the leaves are pale, then it indicates that the plant is withering away. You should have a porous material for the plant. The reason is that the porous pot offers good drainage.

It is also crucial not to overwater your snake plant.

Spider Plant

 You can have the hangings for this plant. It does not require a lot of water also. You can have this plant in your kid’s room because it requires occasional watering. However, the soil needs to remain moist because it helps to encourage the growth process.

The good news is that the plant requires fertilization only twice a month. However, you should ensure that you do not over fertilize this plant. It grows well in average room temperature.

African Violet

Another plant you can consider having in your child’s room is African Violet. It is yet another plant that does not require a lot of maintenance. When watering this plant, make sure that you make use of room temperature water.

It is also crucial to dust off the leaves using a brush.

When taking care of room plants, remember that plants with thick leaves require less water. On, the contrary, thin leaves tend to dry out quickly. Avoid having thin-leave plants in your child’s room.

Aloe Vera

You can also have Aloe Vera Plant in your child’s room. The reason is that the plant does not require a lot of maintenance also. The plant can easily survive in indirect sunlight. You should always buy a pot which has a porous material. The benefit of such a pot is that it will allow the soil to dry up thoroughly.

It is also crucial that the pot should have a drainage hole. If the Aloe Vera plant has stem, then the container needs to be deep enough to accommodate the entire stem. Avoid having gravel and clay ball in the pot.

If the plant has a long stem, then it will be a good idea to cut off the stem.

Whenever you get plants for your kid’s room, make it a point to inspect the plants from time to time. The reason is that most children do not focus on these intricate details. As a result, you need to be responsible on your part.

There should no water sitting in the pot. The reason is that the plant can end up rotting. Your plant is not exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, the water will not evaporate. Teach your child to take care of the plants. Let the plants be more of a learning activity for your child.

When you buy plants for your child’s room, then allow it to adapt in the new habitat. If you keep on changing the plant, then it will not grow well. Consider buying the plants mentioned above. They will help to give a perfect environment to your child’s room.

Always make sure that you buy plants from a good plant service. The service should offer excellent quality plants and they need to be fresh at the time of delivery. As a result, they will grow well.

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