Budget Friendly & Unique Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas

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Looking for some fun Budget Friendly & Unique Thanksgiving Place setting ideas? Look no further!
Looking for some fun Budget Friendly & Unique Thanksgiving Place setting ideas? Look no further!

Budget Friendly & Unique Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas

The holidays are typically when we pull out all the stops and completely lose our sense of frugality as we strive to have the ultimate décor, the finest of dishes and hors d’oeuvres to impress royalty.  When it comes to our table settings we want a unique, magazine ready display that Martha Stewart herself would gasp over.  However, if you have an ounce of restraint left before completely losing your prudent purse, here are a few ways you can have Budget Friendly & Unique Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas without unraveling the finances.

Hand Painted Colored Charger Plates

Almost every home and décor magazine displays an impeccable table set with stunning chargers.  Those chargers can run $10-$25 a piece, however, let me share a secret.  Do you know where you can get them for pennies…like 100 pennies?  The dollar tree carries chargers, usually in gold, red, silver and green.  Simply buy some acrylic paint to add some swirls and you have a beautiful resting place for your fine china.

Candy-Filled Glass Tea Light sconces

Before you leave the hallowed ground of your local dollar tree (and if you don’t have one they have an online store too) pick up some of the small glass tea light holders.  These look elegant, dare I say pricey, and can be filled with candy corn or some rich chocolates for each place setting.  Your guests will feel honored and special as they can sneak a sweet in while waiting for that dressing to be passed.

Mini Chalkboards

These can sometimes be found at that secret location mentioned above but may require a trip to your local craft store.  You can still pick them up rather inexpensively (always use the half off coupons available at most craft chains and buy these in bundles of 5 or more to save $)  Pick up a few chalkboard pens and have each guest write what they are thankful for on their chalkboard.

Kids Table Butcher Paper

If you will be having children at your gathering shell out a few dollars to purchase butcher paper, or maybe just sweet talk the butcher into sharing his roll.  Either way, use white butcher or rolled craft paper as a tablecloth inviting children to scrawl their sentiments or stick people across the table.  This works best if you give them a small container of crayons in the center of the table as the medium to work their magic with.

Colorful Leaves

If you live in any of the areas that have been hand painted hues of pink, red, orange and yellow go for a quick walk a day or so before Thanksgiving.  Find yourself some leathery leaves (not the fun crunchy kind that your children might love to step on) and simply mist them with water then pat dry and scatter about your table for a festive and colorful, yet free look.

With just a few creative ideas and a tip or two, you can create a magazine-ready table without busting the budget.  Try a few of these ideas and sit back while your guests remark at your brilliant ingenuity for unique and budget friendly place settings.

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