A List of the Healthiest Drinks and Snacks That You Can Make For Your Kids

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Giving our kids healthy snacks can be tough but not impossible. Check out a List of the Healthiest Drinks and Snacks That You Can Make For Your Kids


A List of the Healthiest Drinks and Snacks That You Can Make For Your Kids

A few months ago, the sensational Cristiano Ronaldo was captured on live television, putting away a bottle of coke and urging his fans to drink water instead of such drinks. This was not so long after the Portuguese  forward and former Man United winger had expressed just how angry he feels when he sees his ten-year-old son drinking soda or eating junk.

Well, if anyone can teach us about fitness and good health, athletes should be at the forefront. To be honest, they do stuff that not many of us would afford in a dream! This aside, it is paramount to ensure your kids get healthy nutrition and at all times.

If children are overweight or begin to have weight problems at a young age they will be setting a bad precedent for their future.  This calls for you to up your game, especially when it comes to the drinks and snacks your kids have access to. With this being said, here is a list of some of the healthiest snacks and drinks you can make for your kids.

1. Smoothies And Juices

Snacks and drinks are typically something we consume for the sheer pleasure of it after sticking to a strict and regulated diet. This is why one might refer to them as treats. However, if we’re talking about your children, there’s no harm in slipping healthy things into your snacks. Smoothies are one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. This can be an effective way to get fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious items into your child’s diet. Better yet, you are better off with a juicer instead of a NutriBullet in case your kid isn’t a fan of smoothies. Just make sure you have the right equipment for your needs for your kids’ sake. All the same, strive to ensure the drink retains its natural ingredients by avoiding unhealthy additions into the mix.

2. Homemade Cookies

Homemade snacks have the advantage of not needing to be stored for the next six months, allowing you to avoid all preservatives and additives. For one, homemade snacks  are a nutritious treat for your children because you get to choose everything that goes into them and only include what you are certain is good for them. So, if you think your kids need something different and you’re wondering what snacks to give them, prepare some cookies at home. You can use flavors like bananas or whatever else your kids like. Only if you can stick to the healthy ingredients are you allowed to get creative with the ingredients.

3. Baked Sweet Potato Fries

According to most diet experts, deep-fried foods should be avoided at all costs; according to most diet experts, you will pay a visit. Fries are included. So, if you want to live long enough to see your grandchildren, you must follow these guidelines. You also don’t want your children to be sick because that will result in extra doctor appointments, which would put a strain on your finances. Snack treats, on the other hand, are necessary every now and then. If you must have fries, try sweet potato fries baked. They’re not that dissimilar to the fries you’re used to, except that these are baked. They are also a healthier option than regular fries.

4. Popcorn

We all adore popcorn, especially when we’re seeing a new movie in the theaters or catching up on our favorite TV show. However, few people realize that popcorn can also be a healthy snack for our children. The majority of individuals take great care to ensure that their children receive only the best. As long as you don’t drown it in additional unhealthy toppings, popcorn can be that snack. When offering it to your children, especially if they can’t chew yet, be careful because it can choke them.

5. Coconut Water

Now, here’s an interesting drink – coconut water. Many say that coconut water should not belong in the same category as snacks. But it truly depends on how inventive you are with this natural drink. To begin with, coconut water contains a variety of nutrients that could benefit your child. Secondly, adding a little honey or maple syrup to the coconut water will keep the kids asking for more. It will be one of the healthiest and sweetest drinks your kids will have had in a long time if you mix all of the ingredients thoroughly and don’t keep it for too long.

Kids are Regular snacking helps your kids stay energized and fueled up for their many activities. Alongside a regular supply of healthy beverages, the kids can stay strong and hydrated despite their activity levels. However, it is essential only to provide healthy snacks and beverages. The above few tips should inspire you on what to supply.

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