9 Reasons to Love Christmas

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When it ’tis the season to be jolly, sometimes it can be hard to get in the mood if it has been a rough year. If this sounds familiar, you are definitely not alone. With that said, sometimes thinking about all of the best parts of the holiday season can be a fun way to get you into the spirit. Here are 9 reasons to Love Christmas! 


9 Reasons to Love Christmas

Before you start reading this list, please note you should take a moment to put on your favorite Christmas sweater and turn on Mariah Carey’s world-famous Merry Christmas album. Mix together a tasty holiday cocktail and then you are ready to start reading!

1. The Overwhelming Jolliness

Without a doubt, the best part about Christmastime is the overwhelming joyful feeling that comes with hanging decorations and putting up the tree. Whether you are baking cookies with loved ones wrapping gifts or putting up a wreath, jolliness surrounds everything about the holiday season.

2. The Delicious Food

Speaking of baked cookies, another reason to love Christmas is undoubtedly the delicious food. From snickerdoodles to peanut butter goodness and traditional chocolate chip, the options are virtually endless. Plus, those are just the baked goods. Nothing compares to Christmas Dinner ham.

3. The Tasty Smells

Pull out the candles, put up the tree, hang the holly and line the kitchen counter with all your baked treats because Christmastime is the best time to fill your home with the tastiest of festive smells. Whether your nose loves the crisp pine or the sweet vanilla, holiday smells are blissful. 

4. The Holiday Movies

Calling all movie buffs! Christmas is also a wonderful time to catch up on old classic movies that you and your family love. If there are films that you enjoyed while growing up, Christmas can be the perfect time to share them with your kids or grandchildren. Unsurprisingly, it is another top season-loving reason.

5. The Family Time

Because so many businesses and organizations close during the holidays, many people are free from school or work during this time. As such, many families have the chance to come together and catch up. For those who live far distances around the United States, it may be the only time they see some family members all year. 

6. The Special Traditions

What kinds of special Christmastime traditions did you have while growing up? If you are like many people, you and your family probably have or had quite a few. From opening presents on Christmas Eve, drinking mimosas on Christmas morning or ordering Chinese delivery for Christmas Day lunch, there are unlimited ideas for you and your loved ones to try.

7. The Beautiful Lights

Did you know that Christmas lights originate from the cold regional tradition of early Winter Solstice celebrations? Because these areas see the sun so infrequently in winter, they needed to come up with a reason to have a bright and cheery holiday celebration. Christmastime worked out quite nicely.

8. The Old Stories

Another reason people love Christmas is because of the intrinsic meaning in the original religious story of Christ’s birth, among other holiday stories. For some people across the country and around the world, they lack the means to spend money on gifts or expensive decor, but nonetheless, the beauty of Christmas stories remains. 

9. The Special Gifts

Even if you do not give or receive large or expensive gifts, there can still be something very special about the gift-giving of Christmas for many people. Whether it is the joy of shopping for the perfect thing for the person who you love or the fun of wrapping each item in beautiful paper or all of the above, giving gifts is certainly a notable and widely appreciated part of the holiday. 

How do you feel now? Hopefully, this list has helped you step into the holiday spirit. If not, replay that Mariah Carey album one more time. 

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