6 Things to Know About Dogs

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Dogs are amazing creatures. Although you may think you know everything about them there is always something new to learn. Check out 6 Things to Know About Dogs.

 6 Things to Know About Dogs

A dog can be a most excellent companion. It is something most dog owners can agree on. They know that their dogs are valuable and will cherish their family members. If you have a canine friend, it will give you a rewarding experience. However, picking a dog should not be a decision to take lightly. You have to look at several things before you choose a dog.

Much consideration should be given to each factor. When you pick an incredible dog, it will be a rewarding experience.

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Cost

You can get a free puppy from the neighbor, but there are other costs involved. The dog will need to play, so you have to buy toys and feed it with a proper diet to get energy. Besides, you also have to get it bowls, a bed, or even a crate. Sometime during the cold weather, you will see it feeling cold, and, therefore, you have to get it a coat or sweater, or bring it inside where it is warm.

Another thing that a dog wants is a doghouse where it can spend time during the day in the backyard. Also, if your fence is broken, you need to replace or repair it. You have to worry about it getting loose or going into a neighbor’s yard and causing damage.

As you can see, a dog requires a lot of thought and preparation. This is not the end. The dog will need a collar, regular examinations from the veterinarian, medical insurance, among others. But other essential health factors depend on the breed. For example, consider French bulldog health problems to know about before you buy one.

2. Regular Exercises

Dogs become lazy, gain weight, and become obese without exercise. Dogs are similar to people who have different tolerances for exercises and inactivity. So, do your research and know a dog that has a preferred activity matching yours.

Something different about dogs is that they are adaptable creatures. They can do much to please their owners. It is easy for your dog to adapt to your lifestyle. However, if you need to have a healthier and happier pet, learn how to take care of your dog.

3. Grooming

If you choose a dog as your pet, it will require grooming. However, the amount you need to spend depends on your dog. You have to trim the nails, brush the short-haired ones, and then bath him occasionally.

However, the short-haired will not need much grooming like a long-haired dog. But unfortunately, such dogs shed more, so you will need more of your time to clean the house.

4. Mixed Breed

When choosing a dog, maybe you have a breed you admire and want to get it based on size, grooming requirements, exercises, and more.

Despite breeds having common characteristics, you’re not guaranteed that each dog will give you all the elements you expect in the breed.

Sometimes, the mixed breed is cheaper than a purebred, and the combination might be perfect than what you can get from a pure breed.

5. Life Expectancy

The lifespan of each dog varies because it depends on breed, size, and individual dog. However, you can be lucky if your canine friend lives for more than a decade.

If you choose to buy a dog for your son, but later he joins college, who will be left taking care of the dog? Will you be available to look after the dog? Choosing a dog should be a lifetime commitment; be wise before you get one. Many people end up traveling and booking staycations with their dogs. You can also do it.

6. Puppies Grow

The puppy you get will depend on your space. Remember that some puppy breeds will grow to become big dogs. These puppies can grow larger in size than you expect.

When getting a puppy, have an idea of how large it can grow to become. It should not be a breed that will grow larger than the size of your apartment complex. You and your dog will need to have enough space.

Bottom Line

It is not easy to choose a dog. But something positive is that dogs are perfect companions. However, your lifestyle is an essential factor before you choose a dog. That can determine the happiness between you and your new friend.

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